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396291984034Internship report (fall 2019)AM. DISTRIBUTORSSubmitted by: MISHAL ZEHRA RAFIQID: 20151-18570 MAJOR FIELD: BBA (HONORS), MARKETING00Internship report (fall 2019)AM. DISTRIBUTORSSubmitted by: MISHAL ZEHRA RAFIQID: 20151-18570 MAJOR FIELD: BBA (HONORS), MARKETINGName: Mishal Zehra Rafiq ID No: 18570 Major Field: MarketingOrganization where internship was served: A.M Distributors Duration: From 16th August 2019 to 27th sepetmber 2019Report based on (Tick): Option 1 ___________ Option 2 _________________ Due date of the report: 11th October 2019 (2 weeks after the successful completion of internship) Report submitted on: 3rd October 2019Table of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY: PAGEREF _Toc20944936 h 3ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: PAGEREF _Toc20944937 h 4Functions of the department: PAGEREF _Toc20944938 h 5Duties and responsibilities: PAGEREF _Toc20944939 h 5THEORIES LEARNED IN ACADEMICS AND THEIR APPLICATION: PAGEREF _Toc20944940 h 6NEW THEORIES/CONCEPTS LEARNED: PAGEREF _Toc20944941 h 7INTERNSHIP PORJECT PAGEREF _Toc20944942 h 7Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc20944943 h 10Recommendations: PAGEREF _Toc20944944 h 10INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY:Based in the busy city of Karachi, A.M. Distributors was established in 1992 with the aim of providing the operating rooms of Pakistan easy solutions to their problems. Over the past two and a half decades, the company has expanded remarkably, diversifying its range of products, and introducing innovative technologies as time moves forward. Today, A.M. Distributors takes pride in boasting one of the most diverse range of surgical products in the market, coupled with unparalleled services that always leave its customers satisfied.It is important to note that the welfare of surgical patients is central to our vision and philosophy. We have heavily invested both time and funds for the launch of awareness campaigns that revolve around improvement of the conditions in our operating rooms. Our campaigns have incorporated the use of print, electronic, and social media, and has also included oral presentations by our highly qualified team to several hospitals across Pakistan. We enjoy our role as market leaders in introducing new concepts to our operating rooms, eventually leading to better patient care.Our long-term goal is to raise the standard of operating rooms in Pakistan and bring them at par with internationally recognized standards. We have so far enjoyed immense cooperation from hospitals all across Pakistan, and hope that this trend continues in the future as well. Together, we can make our hospitals safer places for our patients.  Vision Statement:An aim to increase our sterilization standards, hence causing a decrease in the rates of surgical site infections.Product line: C-Arm cover drapeMicroscopic drapeCover-X drape and gowns Packaging material Sterilization indicators Hemostats Infusion sets Mesh ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE:The timeline of our major products is as follows: • 1992: Import of Surgical Dressings • 1995: Import of Surgical Sutures • 2005: Import of Sterile, Disposable Surgical Drapes and Gowns along with extensive awareness campaigning • 2006: Import of Sterilization Packaging Materials and Indicators • 2009: Import of Hemostats • 2010: Import of Sterilization Containers, along with extensive awareness campaigning with regards to CSSD • 2014: Launch of Cover X® Sterile, Disposable Drapes and Gowns, our own brand of surgical drapes and gowns.Department: MarketingSupervisor’s Name: Dr. Kazim Askari Designation: Head of Marketing Duration: 6 weeks Functions of the department:The marketing department of AM Distributors was solely based on communication internally with the other departments and externally with the consumers which included doctors, surgeons and hospital administration. It revolves around tasks like designing brochures which are based on information as the field is in-dept field and has to do with the risk of a person’s life. Using the right products with the correct specifications is the responsibility of hospitals and AM Distributors fulfils this criterion. The Marketing department communicates with the sales department mainly as it is their responsibility to forward the information regarding the product properly.Duties and responsibilities:The first week I underwent a training which included product line, types and specification. Following are the different products sold in the company and their manufacturing country:Sutures (United Kingdom)Drapes and Gowns (China) Other medical devices (China and Turkey)Visits were scheduled to different hospitals in order to observe the operating theatre and if it fulfilled the guidelines given by AORN (Association of perioperative Registered Nurses). Marketing was done on a specific segment that included surgeons and hospital administration; due to which I had assisted in the meetings.A task was assigned to me which included the brochure designing of the brand cover X (specifically on drapes). After designing and getting it approved, the company had printed it to give it to the end users and include it in the meetings attended. Assisted a senior member of staff in daily day to day duties, which included: Liaising with suppliers over email in following up of orders, booking appointments for meetings with potential buyers and amending the current presentations.Moreover, I had assisted in the setting of Market retail price through a particular formula which included the sales tax, import duties etc. The tax rate is different of every country that the products are being imported from for example China has 60% tax rates on importing drapes and gowns.THEORIES LEARNED IN ACADEMICS AND THEIR APPLICATION:International marketing: This course was based on businesses that take part in the export and import of products. It included the different payment methods and the duties involved in trade. While working on setting the market retail price, I had observed how AM Distributors’ prices were mainly impacted due to the rise in the exchange rate as they were importing for different companies worldwide. Due to the fluctuation exchange rates the market retail price was also affected and were not constant like the other expenses. Moreover, they also used the consignment payment method in which payment is sent to the exporter only after the goods have been sold by the foreign distributor to the end customer.Business Ethics:It is widely observed that the importance given to ethics is essential in any organization. In AM Distributors ethics was given equal importance. Behaviors were observed by the owner himself and made sure that the patient’s life is much important than the payments. This was an example which I had seen that one of the hospitals in Karachi had been getting their products since 2017 which caused when the order was placed. Supply yet did not stop as it was concerning an individual’s life, but after some months of noticing they had asked them for the recovery. This example serves a small purpose for showing the ethical values of the company, where others are put first specially since it’s a healthcare industry.Introduction to psychology:Psychology is a field which requires observation and study of the human cognition and its relationship with behavior. I had learned a theory in my institute which was applicable to this organization. This is the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in order to motivate the employees, the manager made sure their needs are fulfilled according to the hierarchy provided. All sorts of incentives and rewards for achievements were given. The company made sure to provide employees with medical insurance, loans, contracts and certificates etc for their good work. They had emphasized on how to deal with stakeholders of the firm and handled everyone with emotional intelligence.Advertising and Sales Management:AM Distributors had different means of advertisements as the products were not meant for commercial use. They had carefully planned out their sales to the segment that was the target. Most of the sales were done by word of mouth and by individually visiting hospitals and surgeons and gaining their trust for the product. Brochures and pamphlets were the main medium for advertisements as it included information about the products are being sold. Moreover, presentations were also made in order to convince the surgeons and provide more knowledge on this vast field. Professional and Business Speech:When we talk about an organization, the most important aspect is the communication. Since healthcare is a sensitive field, communication is what keeps an organization going. The founder of the company who is also the president of AORN chapter Pakistan, gave several trainings and lectures in hospitals which acted as a social responsibility. Guidelines were taught in a manner that is understandable by majority of the hospital staff. Some hospitals were also given certificates as appreciation for the training done. This taught me the implementation of a strong voice and message in the corporate world. NEW THEORIES/CONCEPTS LEARNED: Ms Excel Tools:While making the MRP, several formulas were used which I was not previously aware of. Formatting and graph making concluding to the actual price was new for me and I had practiced it for several products after being taught.Designing through adobe: Designing and formatting of brochures is also something I newly learnt. After being taught I had implemented it through Microsoft word. It was a different experience as I have never implemented it before. I was given a deadline which I had successfully achieved, and my work was appreciated and carried forward. INTERNSHIP PORJECTBrochure Designing:I was assigned a task to design a brochure for the brand COVER X, which was based on drapes and gowns. I was supervised and taught initially by the marketing head Dr. Kazim and the General Manager Syed Nadeem. They had given me a format to follow and the instructions/descriptions that were to be included. My task was to make it according to the guidelines given and something that was precise yet informative. The General Manager had organized a shoot prior to the designing which included the model who wore the gown and had displayed it in the brochure. Project started: 9th September Deadline: 20th September I used Word tool to make them and then an online software (adobe) to further make it as required. My work was much appreciated and has been carried forward for future references and distribution.The idea behind this project was making the product and brand more attractive towards the consumers. Colour tone was blue and green due to the field of health care and colours of the products. Moreover, emphases were placed on the comfort and quality of the disposable gowns and drapes. The mission was defined in 3 intriguing words that hinted towards the dedication made by the company for its customers. Simple fonts were used and information was at the minimal but qualitative. Provided is the designed brochure: CONCLUSION:The experience at AM Distributors was a very unique one. It had allowed me to study in dept the field of healthcare and gave me more detail about how business is applicable to almost anything you do. I was taught the importance of healthcare which is above making profits. I was given various tasks and responsibilities which allowed me to implement all that I had learnt in Institute of Business Management. The different ways of marketing specially which is unique from commercial marketing was also taught, targeting a completely different segment of individuals who had vast knowledge in their field. I gained knowledge about leadership as it was a small-scale organization but widely spread throughout Pakistan. Emotional intelligence and hard work are a vital part of life. The Marketing department helped me and taught me different strategies used in a sole proprietor organization which mainly included door to door marketing. The main aim was to attract the customers and not the end users. Am Distributors worked as an agent. Through correspondence with international manufactures, I saw how the international market works as well. RECOMMENDATIONS: AM Distributors was lacking in the management point of view, so in order to run operations smoothly in correlation with all the concerned departments, they should set up an ERP system which can be accessed by the departments. This would allow the management to work and report back since there was no proper reporting system.I had noticed that traditional marketing strategies were used, in order to keep up with the latest tech of doing business, they should implement new ways of marketing such as through digital marketing. Digital marketing is the future and it is the best way to define your brand. Due to the recent increase in import duties and fluctuation of the exchange rate, AM Distributors should invest towards the initiation of manufacturing products locally or to open a trading office which could help in increasing the exports of the country.