Intro pa onti about author date na napublished It is all about

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Intro pa onti about author date na napublished. It is all about a futuristic society that has tried to create a perfect community where everyone can be happy. Using their knowledge in Science, it helps them to mass-produce people and condition them to do and want only the things they’re supposed to, like controlling them, by doing that they take away the freedom of that person to think for oneself. The few characters who do think for themselves aren’t happy so the novel poses a question is it better to be happy or free? So, the book started with the director of the central London hatching and conditioning center explaining to a group of students how they create people since women don’t actually get pregnant anymore. The director brings the group into one of the conditioning rooms, then nurses lay out flowers and books and bring in a group of babies, then they shock the babies through an electrified strip on the floor. Overtime, the babies will learn to instinctively dislike books and nature these babies are deltas. They are one of the society’s lower caste and they perform non-intellectual jobs. By conditioning the Delta babies to hate books, the society them ensures that they won’t ever have any desire for them and by conditioning then to hate flowers and nature, they’ll want to stay near their work in the cities they condition all the castes- Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Epsilon this way, according to what their role will be in the society. Mustapha Mond, who is a very powerful man, and one of the ten world controllers, he tells them what is was like in the past when mothers gave birth to children and people grew up in families, an adult still paired off into monogamous couples. Everyone do not like the idea of mothers and having families. Then a new characters, Lenina and Bernard, even though he is a member of the highest caste, he feels like an outsider because he’s smaller and looks different than most men in his caste, he likes Lenina but it bothers him that she acts like everyone else. They are planning a trip to savage reservation in New Mexico but Lenina has a date with another man named Henry Foster. Benito Hoover walks over to Bernard and talks how attractive Lenina is. Bernard is annoyed by Benito, so Benito offers him a soma which is a drug that everyone takes to feel happy and kind of stoned. Bernard just turns and walks away. He picks up his friend, Helmholtz Watson, who feels something important inside him that he wants to let out through his writing, but he doesn’t know what it is or how to write it. Bernard and Helmholtz both feel like they’re different, this shared sense of being different creates a bond between them. That night Bernard attends solidarity service, Henry Ford as their prophet, who introduced the assembly line and revolutionized mass production and they all take soma to feel like they’re dissolving into one unified whole. Lenina then remembers the first time she and Bernard went out together, Lenina got mad with him because he said that the sea made him feel like he was an individual. Bernard then goes to the director of the hatching and conditioning center to ask permission to visit the savage reservation. The director gets upset and tells Bernard about his own trip to the reservation many years earlier, he ends it telling Bernard that he is unhappy with Bernard’s behavior and threatens him to relocate to Iceland. Bernard and Lenina went to the savage reservation and witnessed a ritual where a young man must remain silent while he’s whipped the square empties out and a young savage approaches Bernard and Lenina. Unlike the other he is white and he speaks English, his name is John and he wanted to be whipped to prove that he is a man and to sacrifice his body for the vllage. He explained that his mother,Linda, wasn’t originally from the reservation, Linda and a man had just been visiting the reservation while on a walk in the mountains she fell down a ravine and hit her head, some hunters found her and carried her back, she was already pregnant with John. Bernard remembers the director’s story . They all arrived back in London and Bernard called to come see the director at work to show that he has a son and a wife, but other people laugh hysterically and the director run off. Bernard showed John how London is like, he becomes instantly famous together with Bernard. Lenina and John watch a movie together and when they got to Lenina’s apartment, John felt that he is unhappy so he just leaves, and Lenina is confused why John won’t sleep with her. Linda who is at the hospital died and John is unhappy with it, he runs into a group of workers getting soma rations, he freaks out and starts shouting that soma is a poison, he says that they are all slaves and he’s going to make them free. Then, he starts throwing the soma out if the window. Helmholtz and Bernard went to John and witnessed a brawl, the three of them are brought to Mustapha Mond, who explains to them why old things like Shakespeare are prohibited. First society needs people to want new things not old ones, people have to keep buying and consuming for the sake of the economy, you can’t also write or understand tragedies without social instability and it no longer exists. They’ve made everyone happy and engineered a perfect society where everyone plays a role exactly suited to their desires and abilities. He also said that sometimes people don’t fit in their roles, he was one of those people. He had a choice of being sent away to an island or joining a program to be a world controller. Bernard and Helmholtz are going to be sent to islands with other people who don’t fit in. Bernard freaks out and escorted from the room. Mustapha Mond gotten rid of God and religion, it is only compatible with the society where people get old and suffer losses. It will also lead to self-denial but modern industrial civilization only works when people indulge every desire, it keeps people buying things and it keeps them from ever feeling any real passion or frustration which can lead to instability, when they do feel something they have soma to keep them happy. John says he didn’t like it, he would rather be free to suffer losses, get sick and grow old. John goes to live in a deserted lighthouse in the country side, he enjoys living alone but he thinks he enjoys it too much, so he whips himself as punishment crowds and reporters start turning up the lighthouse demanding that the savage do his whipping stunt, eventually a huge crowd appears and end up beating one another in front of John’s house while chanting orgy porgy. When John wakes up he remembers everything that had happened and feels horrified, when the crowd comes back later that night, they found John hanging.