Introduction The hospital is a health care institution that provides treatment

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Introduction : The hospital is a health care institution that provides treatment for patients by medical staff and specialized medical and medical equipment. When you want to go to hospital one things will be come in your mind that it is the excellence and the quality in providing medical care in a comfortable environment. The hospital must be committed to providing medical services in an efficient and professional manner to ensure the safety of individuals in the community. Literature review :Healthcare quality has several interpretations. According to Institute of Medicine (2001), healthcare quality can be assessed from two viewpoints: patients and technical or professional. The former includes assessment of service provider’s ability to meet customer demand, customers’ perception and satisfaction. Customer perception with respect to evaluation of healthcare quality has been supported by a number of researchers (Mashhadiabdol et al., 2014; Kitapci et al., 2014). Many studies observe that quality perceptions impact satisfaction, meaning that the service quality (SQ) is the preceding thing of satisfaction (Parasuraman et al., 1994; Kitapci et al., 2014; Dasanayaka et al., 2012). Liyanage and Egbu (2005) emphasise that to improve quality, healthcare staff have to be medically qualified and clinically effective.History of the company:Life line hospitals is one of the largest healthcare providers in the GCC. The life line hospitals has been operating in salalah for the last three years. The hospital in salalah is also divided into a hospital and a medical company. The hospital offers many services through experienced specialist in all major areas of medicine and surgery, as well as the availability of the most advanced medical equipment, making the life line hospital the best choice individuals. The hospital has a total capacity of 50 doctors and 150 support staff. The goals of hospitals is to increase the level of services standards in the healthcare sector. Organization structure and functions: The organization structure of the life line hospital is often depend on choose a hospital’s board of directors from the healthcare community. Hospital executives have a big responsible for managing the organization at on, making financial decision and overseeing business strategy. Department administrators make a report to the hospital executive and also operating the day-to-day operation of a certain departments within the hospital nurse managers and supervising physicians those people have a job which they should provide direct patient care, also they ensure that orders carried out and they ensure if they achieve their duties in the better way. Others majority of the hospital workers are service providers like doctors, nurse and therapists. The goals of each hospital especially life line hospital is to provide a best health care for patients and also to achieve that an important aims which is the hospital is able to deliver care to patients in an effective way. Recruitment :The life line hospital provide a lot of medical services including surgical intervention to correct disability and return movement, especially those resulting from poliomyelitis, Ophthalmic procedures and interventions and distribution of glasses after proving the need of partially blind patients, provide training for medical personnel, health care personnel and other volunteer in surgical, medical and health matters to work in unique field situations and promote health awareness among the disadvantaged in neglected rural and peri-urban areas. Motivation Strategies :Motivation strategies in the any hospital especially the line of life hospital must approach these difficult problems fully by many steps including: Provide opportunities for career development, make efforts to ensure adequate compensation, and promote positive working environments, Career planning should allow, if personal or institutional, for health workers to increase commitment to learning and employment, So as a result of the professional planning that will help to improve morale and encourage retention of ambitious individuals. Opinion :The life line is one of the finest hospitals offering health care in a timely manner. It is considered the first in providing comprehensive comfort for all types of patients in providing the specialized staff for patients and providing the best quality of healthy food. In order to avoid the spread of viruses and health diseases, the life line changes the patients view of a satisfactory condition, providing him with a period of recovery and psychological and health comfort at the same time as he treats. Conclusion :For a hospital to be successful, it has to meet certain standards for their services and work environment. Life line hospital have meet those standards by equipping their hospitals with advance medical equipment and medicines. In addition, with its high number of staff, patients are guaranteed to get all the services and attention they need. The board of directors and figures of authority are also of high importance to manage behind the scenes operations and daily work, in each life line hospital have excelled. However, these efforts must be continued by adding the motivation factor to keep the hospitals operating on the long run. Therefore, it is imperative for any hospital to meet those certain standards and never underestimate any situations, because peoples live are at hand, and that is a great responsibility. Integrity and honesty in healthcare is vital, or that will be considered huge violation of medical ethics and responsibilities, resulting in the loss and failure of such hospitals. Therefore, I think the life line hospitals have excelled in what they do and are a great example for a professional hospital. References : Luoma, Marc. “Increasing the Motivation of Health-care Workers” Capacity Project Technical Brief 7(2006). World Health Organization. “The world health report: 2006: working together for health.” (2006).