IntroductionMost individuals face many ethical problems and ethical dilemmas in their lifetime

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IntroductionMost individuals face many ethical problems and ethical dilemmas in their lifetime. Considering ethical problems, there is a possibility that ethical problems can be solved with ease as there would certainly be a direct solution. However, when considering ethical dilemmas, the situation is much different. Ethical dilemmas are much more complicated and the solution cannot be made easily. Ethical problems and ethical dilemmas are common in health care facilities. The video clearly shows a scene in a hospital that expresses a strong ethical dilemma backed up with other ethical problems. (Corporate Finance Institute 2019)Case scenario and the analysisThe general surgeon, Miranda Bailey, battles to manage a bigot who happens to work in the medical clinic as a paramedic. Miranda Bailey, an African American specialist, assumes the job of being the specialist for a paramedic who happens to be a White Supremacist. This paramedic met with an accident, and requires immediate medical attention. Throughout the scene, the effect of race and how it influences Miranda and different specialists are well presented.At the beginning, the scene starts off when Miranda attempts to help Shane, a paramedic injured in an accident. As she attempts to examine his wounds, Shane avoids contact and request for a male doctor to examine him. Next Richard Weber comes into the scene to assess Shane’s injuries. However, Shane rejects him and demands an alternate specialist. At this point, Miranda and Richard Weber acknowledge Shane is bigot and needs a white specialist. ‘With the mass turmoil in the medical clinic, this demand is inconceivable in light of the fact that each staff part in occupied with sparing individuals. It is proved that Shane is narrow minded in light of the fact that he has two astonishing specialists needing to support him and spare him however he is excessively enveloped with his very own belief system that he neglects alternate patients, who are not racists, and are dying and would appreciate if they had the specialists to take care of them.Miranda is very upset about how discourteous Shane is. To proceed, Miranda approaches Christina Yang, an Asian doctor, to deal with Shane, since she isn’t white or dark. Shane still is not satisfied with Christina however he gives in and gives her a chance to survey his wounds since Shane’s condition was getting worse. As Christina lifted his shirt, she sees a tremendous Swastika tattoo on his stomach area. Unmistakably irritated, Christina reveals that both her step fathers parents were murdered in Auschwitz, a Jewish Concentration Camp. Miranda Bailey, the Afro American doctor convinces Christina to be involved in Shane’s operation. She transcends and does what she needs to do so as to spare this patient despite the fact that she unequivocally can’t help contradicting his convictions and way of life. Lastly, the medical procedure required two specialists and the main specialists accessible were Miranda and Christina which obviously Shane disagrees. He fears that Miranda and Cristina would kill him during the operation. Shane unmistakably does not confide in these two splendid specialists on account of their race and foundation and powers a white male careful assistant to manage the medical procedure and ensure he doesn’t pass on. At that point she makes an entry point down the focal point of the Swastika crushing the estimation of the tattoo. There was a ton going on with this scene and numerous issues were tended to. In the scene, Miranda Bailey, Richard Weber and Christina Yang are on the whole exceedingly instructed specialists of an alternate race however were talked downward on the grounds that they were not white, similar to the supremacist understanding. When managing this patient, every one of the specialists needed to put their own lives on hold so as to spare their patient. This was unbelievable hard for the specialists, as it ought to be, on the grounds that their knowledge was addressed by a racial oppressor. The racial pressure in the scene is plainly shown and it demonstrates to us the truth of bigot individuals and how the minority bunch needs to ascend and nearly overlook prejudice and continue. Miranda takes a gander at Shane as she is performing medical procedure and says, ” An individual can just ascend so high