It started on a day just like any other My uncle took

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It started on a day just like any other. My uncle took me to have lunch at a restaurant in my neighborhood after I returned from school. While eating, I suddenly heard a lot of people shouting. From the corner of my eye, I saw a small crowd coming out of a pharmacy shop opposite the restaurant where I was eating. In the middle of them, was a furious man, who looked like the shop-owner, holding a terrified teenager by his collar. I looked in horror as the boy was being struck and yelled at by the crowd. In the middle of all this, a packet of medicine dropped from his hands and he looked at it with () as if he could not live without it. Soon afterwards, another man from outside the crowd pushed his way through the angry mob and tried to calm everyone down. He then pulled the boy aside and talked to him about something. I could not make out what they talked about from where I was, but from what I could understand, the boy seemed much more relieved and the man walked towards the crowd with a determined look. He handed some money to the shop-owner, picked the medicine, and handed it over to the boy. The shop-owner grumbled and left but the look on the boy’s face was priceless. It was as if he had seen an angel.After a few years, one day, when I was working as a volunteer at the (renal ward) in the hospital in my neighborhood, I heard that a nurse there was going to donate one of his kidneys to a patient who was suffering from kidney failure. Highly intrigued, I asked the nurse about why he was going to donate one of his vital organs to a patient. I also asked him whether he was the patient’s relative. To my questions, he answered, “The person whose life I am about to save today