Jean Watson’s Philosophy and Caring ModelAfter looking over many of the nursing

Jean Watson’s Philosophy and Caring ModelAfter looking over many of the nursing theories, I found that I liked Dr. Jean Watson’s Philosophy and Caring Model the most. This is a caring model theory that falls under the “Humanistic” category. The focus of Watson’s theory is on the treatment of the patient’s mind, body and spirit in a caring environment and the true relationship between a patient and his or her nurse. The patient is to be viewed as a human being that should be appreciated, cared for, respected, supported, understood and helped when needed. The orientation of Dr. Watson’s theory is working with the patient to and his or her family to achieve balance within his or her mind, body, and spirit. The nurse’s role according to this theory is to assist the patient and his or her family to restore balance by providing a supportive environment, instilling hope, promoting the expression of positive and negative feelings, and assisting the patient and his or her family members with their physical needs. The decisions are to be made by primarily by the patient and his or her family. Caring in Pediatric Emergency Nursing is a research study that utilized Jean Watson’s Philosophy and Caring Model as its theoretical framework. This is a nonexperimental descriptive study that assessed which nurse caring behaviors were viewed to be the most important by the parents of pediatric patients in the emergency department (Gillespie, Hounchell, Pettinichi, Mattei, & Rose, 2012). The information needed for the research was obtained by completion of a survey. The population was obtained by randomization in areas of varying acuity. The 100 participants that were chosen were at least 18 years old, the primary guardian of a child from birth to his or her 18th birthday, spoke English, and treated at a pediatric healthcare center in the Midwestern United States that cares for more than 80,000 patients every year (Gillespie et al., 2012). This study revealed that providing timely, competent care and the ability of the nurse to show compassion was of greater importance than treatment related to a caring environment, basic human needs, and spirituality (Gillespie et al., 2012). The researchers were surprised by their findings and felt that the treatments of all the aspects of care were of great importance. The researchers also felt that further study was needed to investigate and confirm their findings. The researchers used Jean Watson’s Philosophy and Caring Model as the basis for investigating which caring components were of the most importance to the parents regarding the care of their children in an emergency treatment setting. It also helped them to express how they felt about different aspects of caring. The Caring Model was also used to guide the questions used in the survey given to the participants of the study.The Caring Behaviors Assessment tool that is based on Jean Watson’s Philosophy and Caring Model was utilized in the Caring in Pediatric Emergency Nursing research study. This tool helped them to gather information regarding the parent’s views of caring and what it meant to them in relationship to the treatment of their children. The researchers then used a content validity index to measure the relevance of their research. They also utilized Cronbach’s alpha, a tool used to measure how closely related a set of items in a group are, to verify the reliability of the study. The researchers used these tools to not only make sure that the study that they conducted valid, but reliable as well.

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