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JORDANNE KOULONGREA 91 20022 READING AUTOBIOGRAPHY 22nd February 2019 My earliest memories of reading were at my small nursery school libary in Africa. I could’ve like 4 or 5 years old and I remember how my teacher usually brought us there to change our minds abet by letting us select the book that pleases us and read it. So, as we regularly practiced that I started understanding a little bit what reading was all about. Also, I remember my mom at home in how she read us stories from the Bible and other sources which attracted me in knowing new words, animals, objects, and all what could be given to us by her. So, I’m very thankful to my mum and my teachers who did all they could to make me a good reader as I couldn’t have done easily and in that lapse of time without each of them. My parents were so marvelous in training me on how to read because I was new in this world I needed help to know what is this and that so, they will buy me a story book with animals features inside they will tell me what each animal represents by reading the name on it and asking me to repeat the name. As time goes on and we practiced that, before they noticed that I already got all the names of the different kinds of animals in my story booklet. Also, they bought me an alphabetical map having all the letters of the alphabets decorated with amazing design on it so my mum created a song with two different ways of pronouncing alphabets( I also did that at school ) that is there were vowels and consonants and I’d to know the letters which corresponded to each of them we did many other different kinds of playing games but who were instructive to me. All these excited me and I really loved reading so even when my mum or dad or teacher weren’t around me, I’ll take any book beside me and try to look at it and try to know what it is all about. When I was, I think 5 to 18 years old, I remember one of my English teachers in grade 10 who asked us to have a small notebook different from where we jot down notes so in this book, we had to write all the difficult words we encountered in his subject and find the meanings of each word. He collected those books and graded them as time was going on, I realized that I was understanding better the course than I did at the beginning because it was a tough subject (history). In addition to that, I usually read my dictionaries to get new words and have clear ideas on the difficult words I could encountered in all my subjects. I didn’t like reading too much at that stage because it demanded a lot of my time and understanding which was very different when I was at the nursery school. But above that I had to read if not I couldn’t meet up the grades, I wanted so I read what was assigned to me by my teachers. By the way all these helped me to understand that I can’t do without reading because it’s from there that I’m being educated. After my high school reading experiences, I remember that I knew the concepts of reading at the normal level that is; I could understand the meanings of the most commonly used words in English, how they are being set up in writing of essays, how to write a convincing and good letter( personal and official ones ), I knew also how to jot down messages, emails, and all what could be given to me to read. I could speak fluently in public as in my family knowing each word, I’m saying is correct even though I did sometimes small mistakes, but I could backup them by correcting myself. Also, learned how to read texts in some different kinds of books respecting punctuations, quotations, and all types of English marks when reading to be audible and well understood by those listening to me. It was a great experience to me because the change could be visible that I could read well and express myself in a good manner, so it was fun and great for me. In conclusion, I can say that each stage of my life I learned something new about reading which totally made me a new person. Even though I don’t read novels and dictionaries all the time, I know that I must do so often because it opens my mind to the discovery of new words, meanings and to be up to date speaking individual, also for my success in life. I’m in the middle in what concerns “READING” that is I don’t like reading a lot but reading to me is very important in all I do in my life because it’s the center of everything we may desire to learn about and practice.