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Juliana Rizo 10/24/19 P.1 #1New Problem-Solving Approach to Set Quotas: Success Through Sales Design Thinking By: Alexandria VACisionPublished 10/25/19https://www.prweb.com/releases/new_problem_solving_approach_to_set_quotas_success_through_sales_design_thinking/prweb16641407.htmThis article states that setting quotas help reach goals and target compensation. For many companies, setting effective quotas is elusive because they try to avoid the problem all together. Solving the quota problem requires new thinking to break down the challenge into its components and apply a problem solving approach that engages the organization. Mark donnolo wrote a book about this. He said the book is for sales leadership, sales operations, and frontline sales. It adresses sales leaders’ needs to set affective quotas to get a fair quota for themselves. Donnolo has worked with Global 1000 organizations on strategies to grow revenue. His experience spans many industries.This article relates to what we have talked about in class because we have talked a lot about the problem solving process. This article was about Mark donollo, who wrote a book on the problem solving process.#2When Computers make biased health decisions, black patients pay the price, study says by Amina KhanLos Angeles TimesPublished on 10/24/19https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2019-10-24/computer-algorithm-fuels-racial-bias-in-us-healthcare Scientists discovered that there is significant evidence of racial bias when it comes to predicting the health risks of black patients. Researchers say that we should not be blaming the algorithm. They say this because the algorithm is just learning from the data given to it. It was by accident that they stumbled upon the bias embedded in the health care algorithm. This algorithm is used to identify patients with health conditions that are likely to lead to more serious complications and higher costs down the line. A large academic hospital purchased it to help single out patients who were candidates for a care coordination program. This program provides access to services like expedited doctors’ appointments and nurses who may make house calls or fill prescriptions. They found that black patients were more likely to see their health deteriorate over the following year.This article relates to what we have talked about in class. We have talked about algorithms and how they work. I think that maybe black people are more likely to see their health deteriorate because they have an unhealthy diet.