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1130129NUR212 context of practice: Child, Youth& Family Task 1b Written reflectionName: Tammi knightTutor’s: name: Ruth NewbyReferencing style: HarvardWord count: 811Student number 1130129Today’s social Contemporary family has changed from many years ago. Having a positive outlook and a clear Communication bond builds on family strengths. Having it gives empowerment and understanding. According to seminal Winnicott (1965) It’s very important for the general emotions and physical and development of any aged child to grow and have that early development. The family strength framework is noticed by family’s and how well they can do positively. All family have strength that they develop over time. Its encouraged within all family’s (Defrain and Asay,2007)We need a positive outcome and having caring surroundings, that’s how we show bonds and family strengths. We support and protect one another. We function better. Moore,Whitney and Kinukawa.Communication, support and togetherness are some of the importance of family strength. (Geggie,Defrain,Hitchcock & Silberberg, 2000) Spending time together helps the bond of sharing and making memory’s show’s a commitment for one another. Sharing activity’s like BBQ at the beach on the weekends and having holidays at Christmas time together. As a family its important even at the most challenging times stressful and even illness shows an Importance’s to the family strength framework. Even as a Nurse or any other health profession we show a range of competencies, the ability to understand and to recognise family importance, the environment of children and health values its being a family it highlights that nurses need to keep a good understanding, to how we are united by offering support it can make a world of difference to a child, shows and expresses views differently in many ways(Children’s Hospital Austriala,2010a,b)Lots of ways to enhance positive communication with children not only children by all family members when coming to the health surroundings. Skills that we developed are clinical practices, Nurses must pay attention closely to how children communicate even when speech does not provide meaning. Its hard to find an understanding so u can gain attention, firstly before talking. Showing can give a good affect or even best achieved if you are on the same level, showing & having good eye contact. A caring manner. (Harrelson, 2009). Apply to their level by hopping on the floor and bring their attention to the health matter, which is of concern, speaking kindly and be a good listening ear, praise if you must gain that positive engaging. Positive wording and having manners to which they understand will help the situation. They will recognise, a thank you or a please (Harrelson 2009) It defines and gives a receiving message to manual understanding. (Toole,2012) Times have change its been recognised that children’s health care recently inherent rights and can take part in decision making. (Respecting the views of children) It was in the 20th century that family’s participated communication with children became a feature to children’s health care (Wood,2008, p.123). Visiting for young children was than adopted which gave an understanding into nursing care of children. Which practiced the physical and emotional well- being attitudes, children that were separated from their loved ones through behaviour issues crying or withdrawal became a communication mis-heard based on understanding children, as they have rights for decision making, they say what they think n feel. Listening to a child consider their views and get an understanding of choices and needs on their part. Children communicate and see things very differently, they are constantly growing and developing in a state of mind and body emotionally and physically. (Kennedy,2001, p419Displaying a loving and caring natured personality staying helpful and friendly. Children will identify this kind of attitude. Having a child, myself, one which has a disability we all engaged in conversation with sign language. And poster cards. My family decisions and decision making it’s surrounds a lot by encouragement and communication within my family so it’s a part of what we deal with as my family strengths. Verbal communication & also non- verbal communication. I know myself & my children see the world different as other families would also, experiencing life particularly in a broader light, which then indicates the importance of communication skills in my house- hold. Its growth and understanding a family we respect the style of speech we must use to bring together. Togetherness and support I was talking about earlier on. purposeless and positivity. As above highlights it shows the bonds and family strengths that have improved relationships in families & health professions, in all aspects of life really. Communication, Connections & how times have changed as years go by. References Donald Winnicott (1965) (Defrain & Asay, 2007) (Geggie, Defrain, Hitchcode & Silberberg, 2000) (Children’s Hospitals Austriala,2010a, b) (Harrelson,2009). (Wood,2008, p.123). Through & Emotionally differently (Kennedy,2001, p419).