Lawanna VernerLisa MoranNFS 101 Huma Nutrition and Wellness1192020Chapter 1 Assignment1 The foods that

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Lawanna VernerLisa MoranNFS 101 Huma Nutrition and Wellness1/19/2020Chapter 1 Assignment1. The foods that I consume daily have a variety of factors. A few of them are habits, comfort/discomfort foods, social factors (family gatherings), diet trends, and Knowledge of Health & Nutrition. Habits play a part in what I eat daily because before I started dieting, I would eat things that my mother used to cook for me as a child. Now I am dieting, and I eat on a routine schedule every day. I am lactose intolerant, so a discomfort food for me would be ice cream. After eating ice cream, I become sick, and to comfort myself, I usually eat crackers and drink a Ginger Ale soda which is also connected to habit. Family gatherings also play a big role in my eating habits because on normal days where I am at home, I stick to my routine but on days where I am in a social setting, my eating habits change according to what is being provided. Dieting is a factor in what I consume daily because I try to avoid certain food such as foods that are high in sugar. With my diet, I eat foods that are considered “Good for you”. Sensory influences are also a factor that plays a part in what I eat daily. Texture is a big factor for me. I cannot consume any food that has a slimy or soft texture. Smells are occasionally a factor; I have had foods that have a distinct smell and if I ever smell it again, it makes me ill.2. Roast Beef0g Carbohydrate x 4 kcal/g= 0 kcal0 kcal / 2,000 kcal x 100= 0% carbo kcal224 g protein x 4 kcal/g= 896 kcal896 kcal / 2,000 kcal x 100= 45% protein kcal45g fat x 9 kcal/g= 405 kcal405 kcal / 2,000 kcal x 100= 20% fat kcal=1,301 total KcalPros and cons to the Affordable Care Act and NutritionIncreases quality improvement initiatives for hospital and providers Heavier workloads, More paperwork, and increased dissatisfaction and burnoutsIncreases the payments to hospitals and providers that achieve satisfactory quality improvements indicators Youngers physicians exhibit different attitudes toward their professional roles and responsibilities. Physician productivity will likely decrease with increased retirementsExpands the number of Doctors, Nurses and Physicians There will be more patients and not enough employees to cover the patients effectively and efficiently.Works CitedAnderson, Amy. “The Impact of the Affordable Care on the Health Care Workforce.” Amy Anderson, 2014. Article.Talbert, Patricia, Y. “Benefits and Challenges of the Affordable Care Act: What Should be the Future of the ACA 2018.” Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 2.5 (2018): Pages 09-16. Article..