Learning about the body and all of its complexities is absorbing whilst

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Learning about the body and all of its complexities is absorbing, whilst applying the knowledge can be lifesaving. Throughout my life, I have seen nurses caring for people. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, a nurse was there to help us cope. The experience helped me to appreciate the immense emotional and physical strain placed on healthcare workers who puts others needs above their own. Nurses are always behind the scenes making sure everybody is cared without taking credit for everything they contribute to patient care. My mum is a nurse I have personally witnessed my mum in practice several time, such as measuring blood pressure and giving medication .I always thought I would be become one someday.Four years ago, I embarked on a vocational college course. Throughout the four years at college, my personal skills have flourished, both through practical and theoretical work, making me a hardworking and adaptable individual. With my theoretical work, the knowledge I gained from modules helped not only my professional attitude during my practical work. This will help me in my future training . My college course covered human physiology, including the skeletal system, the lymphatic system and nervous system. This knowledge has helped me to understand the diseases of the patients I will care for, such as diabetes, arthritis and heart problems. I enjoyed the practical aspects of the curriculum in the laboratory, where I gained many skills, which will be important in a university course. I am also fully aware of the need to work in a professional team in dealing with such problems, and very much enjoy being a part of a wide-ranging, efficient and powerful system of health care. I have been employed as a waitress for three years in the local restaurant. This has been excellent for my interpersonal skills as it involves talking to people I am not familiar with. A skill that will be transferable to nursing. I have also undertaken work experience in trinity hospices and I am familiar with the structure of the hospital. Being in this environment has highlighted how quality of care of patient relies on the teamwork between the different healthcare professionals, requiring interaction on all levels. I believe that the support and encouragement that I have received during work experience have ensured that I do not take things for granted .Overall I feel that the experiences mentioned above will support my success in university education.I feel that I am a hardworking, outgoing and friendly individual. I enjoy attending college and have been working in a dedicated and committed way, always ensuring that my work deadlines are met. I have always had a very positive and balanced attitude, ensuring that I have a varied lifestyle. I balance my college work and studying with time dedicated to my family, friends and sport that I enjoy so much. In my spare time, I take great interest in swimming. I am also very keen on travelling and learn about the worlds different cultures. A nurse career will be challenging but my commitment gives me the confidence that I will succeed both, professionally and academically. After my graduation, I wish to continue further with my studies to a higher degree, specialising in the field of an oncology nurse. I believe that the more you are passionate about something the greater you would be at it. This is why I fully trust that I can contribute to this area, and studying nursing at university will pave the way for me and put me on the right track to achieve my potential.