lifestyles can largely prevent or reduce the obesity rate of such people

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lifestyles can largely prevent or reduce the obesity rate of such people. Moreover, the important role of preventing women of childbearing age from over weight gain is also reflected in their health effects on the fetus and early children. An excessive weight gain during pregnancy is associated with fetal macrosomy and children obesity are associated with obesity pregnancy and over gestational weight gains. [3] Obesity during pregnancy also can cause birth defects, because obesity makes it harder to detect these conditions with ultrasound. [5] During the well-woman visits and production inspection, doctors or nurses will be able to notice the risk and have the chance to refer dietitians to patients and their families. The benefits of nutrition consulting is not only limited on pregnant period. Getting a healthy family lifestyle is very important to prevent children obesity at the earliest time. Study shows that parenting style can influence the early children eating behaviors. Which then has higher chance to be adult obesity. “The family mealtime environment has the potential to impact the dietary intake and obesity rates of children.”[6] Research has shown significant positive associations between family meal frequency and children’s nutritional and food group intake, and inverse associations with consumption of soft drinks and high-fat foods and obesity. Unfortunately, the frequency of family meals may be declining, with children’s reports of consuming a home dinner decreasing from 89% in 1973 to 76% in 1994. Moreover, research indicates that many parents of school-age children are overwhelmed with meal planning and preparation. Simply suggesting the client or patient to increasing family meals to prevent. Obesity might face many barriers by the family. The detailed findings about how to overcome barriers and what parents need to facilitate frequent and healthful family meals. Knowing the challenges that families are going to face can help dietitians to understand the situations of families and prepare practice level solutions. And these are the keys for prevention of children obesity. Focusing on pregnant women’s health helps us to prevent overweight or obesity on women and children. Fortunately, women before pregnancy or during pregnancy are willing to change their lifestyle and the whole family are willing to do it together. However, the information they accessed is of varying quality. Australia scientists studied that women valued nutrition information, actively sought it, and passively received it mainly from three sources: healthcare providers (HCPs), media, and their social networks. Women reported HCPs as highest for reliability but they had limited time and indifferent approaches. Various media were easily and most frequently accessed but were less reliable. Social networks were considered to be the least reliable and least accessed. Women reported becoming overwhelmed and confused. This in turn influenced their decisions (pragmatic/rational) and eating behaviors (“overdo it,” “loosen it,” “ignore it,” and “positive response”). Individual and environmental barriers impacted their application of knowledge to dietary practice. Women wanted more constructive and interactive engagement with their HCPs.[7] So, the health care system should give this group a better chance to get reliable information, which can be nutrition consulting service provided by a registered dietitian. Letting a registered dietitian join the team for pregnant inspection can really help women. For a healthy pregnancy, usually women will come to visit the health provider following a schedule. The fist 6-month, pregnant women need to have prenatal visit once a month. During the next two months, recommended prenatal visit every 2 weeks. After that, they need to visit every week. So, during the 10-month, women have 14-16 times pregnant visiting, which are great chances to monitor the whole progress.[7]Conclusion To prevent future obesity, health probationers should focus on expectant mothers. Family as a social unit coming together can shape the whole country from one side to another. Targeting the pregnant women in the family is choose the best time to help the whole family, not only the woman and her partner, but also importantly the future babies. They are during a life changing; they are desire so hard on healthy life shafting; they are visiting health providers at an initiative model, which is rare during a normal period for most of people. So, having a dietitian join the team for providing better care to women is good for the families, for the country. Obesity rate need to be reduced, but more importantly, obesity should be prevent as early as it hasn’t appeared.