Many things arouse my interest However if there is anything I can

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Many things arouse my interest. However, if there is anything I can remember vividly from childhood, it is that I always wondered how a tablet or any other medication managed to for instance relieve headache. I was not too satisfied with just knowing that a particular formulation was capable of treating a specific condition. I also wanted to know the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the whole process that took place in the human body. But that wasn’t’ all, knowing myself to be a people person, the possibility of sharing this vital information meant a lot to me. As I grew up, I still held this goal in my mind that someday I would put myself in a position where I could interact with a larger group of people not only to provide them with drug information but also to counsel them on healthy living. That is when I decided to choose pharmacy as my career because I knew this health profession would give the opportunity to get closer to people in that sense to realize this goal. Pharmacy is the key to making my dream a reality.Curiosity has always been a part of me. I just cannot resist the urge to ask questions. It is interesting to note that through my inquisitiveness—despite how annoying it seemed sometimes—I got better and better in the skill of asking and answering questions. Experience has taught me that the more I ask questions, the more I broaden my thinking capacity. This gives me the opportunity to educate myself and others better about the world I live in. In the same way, I believe good inquiry skills is a very good trait for the profession in the sense that when dealing with people, you must be able to extract every necessary information you can from them to be able to offer the best solution to the problem at hand. People hardly give out information. It requires proficient skills to be able to get someone talking, let alone to tell you the truth. Despite the occasional blasts from my teachers that almost deterred me from chasing after my dream, I still managed to learn the art of engaging people in healthy conversations. In effect, I learnt a better way of opening people up to discuss their issues without any form of fear or embarrassment. In high school, I pursued General Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) alongside Mathematics, Social Studies and English. Moving up the academic ladder, I got into the university and chose the Bachelor of Pharmacy, which was a 4-year degree program. It was only until I got to the university that I found out that high school science was child’s play. The University was very different. This was more like the foretaste of what I was to expect once I got onto the field considering the number of hours I had to spend both in the lecture room and in the labs. Research work was more intense than ever. Lab reports and presentations were cumbersome yet I knew this was not the time to give up on the world or myself. With advice from parents, friends and my professors, I pressed on and faithfully completed the four-year program.In addition to the Bachelor’s degree program, special vacation training programs were held during the long school breaks to prepare students for what really happens on the field. Through this program, I got the chance to learn how to write down prescriptions as well as educate patients on drug information and the need for personal care under the direct supervision of a pharmacist in a local polyclinic during my long vacation in third year. We had to observe the daily activities at our workplace, write a report about it and do a presentation when school resumed. This program was very beneficial to me because it helped bridge the gap between classroom work and the real life issues. Ever since I stepped into that local polyclinic to do my vacation training, the passion to reach out to people has not waned but has rather grown stronger. I want this kind of opportunity to present itself to me once again. This time, I want to be in a better position to welcome it. It is for this reason I choose to pursue the Doctor of Pharmacy program to become a fully-fledged licensed pharmacist. I want to meet more people not because of a title, I want to engage people in healthy conversations so that I can provide the best healthcare delivery to them. 1. Start with a story that sparked interest in wanting to explore/pursue NursingI have always wanted to do something in this world that makes a significant impact in people’s lives. My mum would tell me often that when I was younger, next to the phrases, “please” and “thank you”, was me constantly asking people, “are you okay?”. “It’s like your mission here on planet earth is to ensure that everyone is ALWAYS in high spirits!”, she would always say to me. Truth be told, it is not surprising to me at all that she passed that comment because up until now, I have an innate desire to care for people. So why nursing? Well, the “people” I yearn to assist are unfortunately sick individuals within our hospitals. Therefore, I have decided to pursue nursing because this career path will create myriad opportunities for me to provide comprehensive care and guide these individuals on their path to a better life. 2. Discuss WHY you want to follow through with your interest in NursingBeing“Nursing is a profession where the need to understand your patient outweighs your need to be understood”, 3. Discuss things you have done/ are doing so far to make your journey to nursing smooth and exciting4. Discuss any new ideas on how you want to be that unique nurse the world has never seen before