McKenzie AndersonDr BMCC EssentialsDecember 14 2019Registered Nurse Career PaperBeing the firstborn at

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McKenzie AndersonDr. BMCC EssentialsDecember 14, 2019Registered Nurse Career PaperBeing the firstborn at a family of five (Dad, Mom, and my other two little siblings), I had a mandate to take care of them whenever my mom was out to work. At first, I felt it being so hectic that I wasn’t to play with other kids of my age and spend most of the time nursing the last born of the family. Every time he cried or showed some kind of discomforts, I could easily he is either wet or hungry, and in most cases, it turned out to be true. Since then, I felt that nursing was my thing, and I should pursue it. As I grew older, I felt that I wanted to be a Registered Nurse (RN) in the future as my career path.Registered Nurses have a role in caring for the sick and providing medical education to them as a way of combating future illnesses. Apart from being equipped with the necessary nursing skills learned at nursing institutions, registered nurses do possess interpersonal skills to enhance their relationship with patients and their families. To become a qualified RN entails seeking formal nursing education from registered and approved nursing school and receive state licensure to work as an RN (Maksym-kiriienko). In this research paper, I will discuss why I was interested in becoming an RN, career description, necessary attributes, education requirements, working conditions, earnings as a beginner, long-term outlook, and finally, the reason for the career being my fit.Being the secondary caregiver to my young siblings, especially when my parents were at work, taught me the need for being caring and concerned for the welfare of others. At my low-grade levels at school, whenever we played kid games, I was continuously assigned the role of being a nanny, doctor, or nurse. Since then, I continued to develop a great passion for being a nurse. Also, the nursing profession is a profession that is respected and involves helping those suffering (K Shafer). I like helping others, and as a way of giving back to the community, I found the best way was to become a Registered Nurse where I could serve my people in the right way as possible. Therefore, my upbringing and my personal interest in helping others triggered my passion for becoming a Registered Nurse. Most people have no real idea of what a Nursing career is really like. Many people think nursing involves treating sick and injured patients. Yeah, that right. But nursing involves more than that. Nurses offer emotional support and education to the patients and families, take care of lots and lots of paperwork, helping doctors during patient’s diagnosis, and follow-up care to the patient afterward. Therefore, working as a nurse means coming into contact with seriously ill patients and as well, being continuously in contact with yuck body fluids.Nursing is a field that requires nurses to be equipped with interpersonal skills apart from the technical skills learned in the training institutions. Being a nurse requires people with a strong personality to enable them to avoid breaking in case the situation presented has intense emotional arousal. Personally, I am strong enough, and I can handle emotions from taking the better part of me. Secondly, I have mastered the art of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) technique, which is fundamentally essential in rescuing people’s life in absolutely emergent conditions to enhance the flow of blood to vital areas like heart and brain. I am also a tolerant person which helps me handle patients of all social groups. Finally, I am a detail-oriented nurse. I take enough information from the patient to ensure I am offering the right medication to the patient. To become a qualified Registered Nurse requires the successful attainment of necessary education related to the field of nursing. Educational requirements for being a registered nurse is divided into three approaches. First, individuals aspiring to become nurses can acquire a bachelor’s of science degree (BSN) in nursing. The course takes four years fulltime in a registered college or university. Also, one can get registered as a nurse by completing a diploma in nursing (less common). Lastly, some hospitals offer their nursing recruits a three-year nursing diploma training program. Therefore, becoming a Registered Nurse requires earning an associate degree or a Bachelor of Science degree. A registered Nurse has various roles he/she plays in enhancing the well-being of the patient. A nurse has four main duties that he/she performs. First, the RN has a role in evaluating the patient’s conditions, both mental, physical, and emotional. This is followed by designing a treatment plan to give to the patient. The third duty involves monitoring the patient’s outcomes to ensure the treatment is working, and the patient is comfortable with it. Lastly, the nurse organizes the patient’s record for future reference. Working as a Registered Nurse has a set of working conditions. Most Registered nurses work in hospitals and other health-related facilities. However, we have special cases where home and public health nurses travel to specific homes, community centers, schools, and other sites where their patients are. In most cases, nurses spent a considerable amount of time standing or walking, which are mostly short distances. Nurses work with shifts (Staff Writers). Full-time employees typically take three 12-hours shifts every week, with days being consecutive or separated or a shift of eight hours in five days per week. This ensures that there is a nurse who is available, whether it’s on holiday or on weekends.According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, RNs demand continues to rise yearly. Due to this rise in demand, the salary will as well increase. The earnings in nursing depend on education level, experience, type of facility, and geographical location. An entry nurse earns $47,120 per year. As he/she continues to work, the salary increases with about $1,400 per year for the next 40-years of service ( This means that by the end of the career, the most experience nurse earns a whopping $102,990 dollars per year.When my career kick as a Registered Nurse, my goal will be to dedicate my life to saving people’s lives. I’m concerned in touching the lives of people by offering healthcare and as well teach them health tips. I am determined to excelling both professionally and personally to serve and live a healthy lifestyle so as to be a role model for others. I am equipped with strong work ethos. Therefore, I am the kind of person where family, friends, and co-workers can look for empathy or advice (College Atlas). I am a big fan of helping people; therefore, working as a registered nurse is my perfect career to help the needy. As I continue working as a registered nurse, I will advance in my education to earn more skills in how to treat sick people. I will also maintain my work ethics to ensure that I advance to a higher salary because, as a nurse, I also need to be financially stable.Apart from helping people and having a rewarding career, a nursing career attracted my attention for several reasons. One working as a nurse is applicable anywhere in the world, and you can work with all demographics right from children to adults and both genders. I, therefore, found that nursing was whatever I wanted to make in my career life. Secondly, nurses are needed in almost all aspects of people’s lives. If I decide to move from my native and relocate to another country, I will definitely get my niche there. Becoming a registered nurse will enable me to feel that sensation of accomplishing my goal. The field of nursing has endless opportunities right from specialty to the general public. Nurses have a chance to relate to newborns all the way to geriatrics. I can honestly say that nursing is the most rewarding job.Personally, becoming a registered nurse will be my right career path, and I will have as well fit me. First, becoming a nurse is my passion; I won’t feel like I am doing it for someone else. Secondly, working as a nurse is a way of giving back to society. I have a passion for helping other people and see them get well, and this is my chance to achieve that goal. Therefore, I am sure that this is my career path and am ready to take the task.