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Life is What You Make It“Hmm, that doesn’t look decent,” a thought traversed my mind as I observed my appearance in the bathroom looking glass. A dark red scrape cozed blood above my left eye. The rest of my right seemed visibly fine. Few years passed I had great fun just spending memorable moments with my two daughters and son with my beloved husband. Now I have two moments to recall, a good one and the other just drift my mind and I can’t believe it happened. Saturday 13th, 1996, I shall never forget this moment. I can’t believe I am on this yacht sailing with my work colleagues. I had a lot of fun at port Montenegro. At the climax of the party, John who we had dated for three years had to kneel in front of me, “Olivia will u marry me.” Tears rolling on my cheeks, definitely yes “I will marry you, John.” I went back to the bedroom where my kids are sitting. “What day of the week is?” I asked the kids. My innocent last born daughter who is 6years old said it’s on a Wednesday. She added and asked why they are not in school. I was holding my phone trying to reach the nursemaid agency so as to send another house help because the one I had was unable to cope with my kid’s behavior. But the one who was on the phone said: “I am sorry Olivia we have sent more than 10 nursemaids in your house for the past two months but your kids are monsters.” It seemed am helpless. Around a quarter an hour, there was a doorbell and I thought the agency had given me the last chance and have considered my proposal. To my surprise, it was our office messenger who had a letter sent to me by my ex-husband who was the manager of the computer company I was working with. My body was shaking as I unsealed the letter. I closely examined the writing and I quickly pushed it as far down so as my son could not have a glance at it. My services are no longer needed in that company that what it was all about. This was kind of a motivation to me. Am now free to take care of my kids every day and night. I had to wake my kids every morning now and take them to school as opposed to the past. It’s now Monday morning and am ready for an interview in a computer firm. The interview lasted for seven minutes and after hours of waiting for results, I was proud because I secured the job which will change my life with my kids.