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1 Citing Sources According to MLA (8 th ed. ) Use this guide to organize your Works Cited list and the p arenthetical notes in the text of your essay. It is based on the following publication, which is available through the library: the MLA Handbook , 8 th edition . The eighth edition of the MLA Handbook outli nes the core elements of a citation and the order that they should appear in a ll MLA citation s regardless of format . In order and with the punctuation that follows , these core elements are: 1. Author. 2. Title of source. 3. Title of container, 4. Other contributors, 5. Version, 6. Number, 7. Publisher, 8. Publication date, 9. Location. Use the core elements list to create citations for these and other formats. See the Modern Language Association of America’s site for a quick guide and template for citation formatting . Examples of various resources formatted using MLA 8 th edition citation style are listed below. Table of contents: Books Book – One Author Book – Two Authors How to List Three or More Authors Edited Book Article in an Edited Book Articles Journal Article Newspaper Article Conferences Conference Proceedings Article in Conference Proceedings Government documents Government Publication – Without Personal Author Government Publication – With Personal Author2 Theses Theses or Dissertations – Published Theses or Dissertations – Unpublished Other media Websites Films / Movies Television Programs Book – One Author Works Cited: McCarron, Kevin. The Coincidence of Opposites: William Golding’s Later Fiction . Sheffield Academic, 1995 . Parenthetical No te: (McCarron 58) Book – Two Authors Works Cited: Davies, Barbara, and Jo Logan. Reading Research: A User -Friendly Guide for Nurses and Other Health Professionals . 3rd ed. , Mosby, 2003. Parenthetical Note: (Davies and Logan 101) Works Cited: Goldberg, Jan, and Mark Rowh. Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors . 2 nd ed., McGraw -Hill Professional, 2003. EBSCOhost, -live . Accessed 12 Aug. 2007.3 Parenthetical Note: (Goldberg and Rowh 5) Back to top How to List Three or More Authors Works Cited: Coats, Lauren, et al. Parenthetical Note: (Coats et al. 361) Edited Book Works Cited: Curtis, Tony, ed itor . The Art of Seamus Heaney . 4th ed. , Seren, 2001 . Parenthetical Note: (Curtis 8) Article in an Edited Book Works Cited: Krall, Elizabeth. “Calcium and Vitamin D.” Exercise, Nutrition, and the Older Woman . Edited by Maria A. Fiatrone Singh. CRC, 2000 , pp. 173 -181 . Parenthetical Note: (Krall 178) Back to top4 Journal Article Works Cited: McKay, Don. “What Shall We Do with a Dru nken Poet? Dylan Thomas’ Poetic Language.” Queen’s Quarterly, vol. 93 , no. 4, 1986, pp. 794 -807 . Parenthetical Note: (McKay 801) Works Cited: Han, Hui -Quan , and Paul Greengard. “Remodeling of Cytoskeletal Architecture of Nonneuronal Cells Induced by Synapsin.” Proceed ings of the National Academy of Science Vol. 91, No.18, 1994, pp. 8557 -8561, JSTOR, www.jst . Accessed 1 Dec. 2016. Parenthetical Note: (Han and Greengard 8559) Newspaper Article Works Cited: Everett -Green, Robert. “‘The Handmaid’s Tale is Not for Wimps.’” Globe and Mail , Ontario ed., 18 Sep. 2004, pp. R1+ . *** The “+” symbol indicates an article continuing on non -consecutive pages. *** Parenthetical Note: (Everett -Green R9) *** The parenthetical page number reflects material from a continuing page. *** Back to top5 Conference Proceedings Works Cited: Dojat, Michel, et al. , ed itor s. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: 9th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Europe, October 18 -22, 2003, Protaras, Cyprus, Springer, 2003. Parenthetical Note: (Dojat , et al. xi) *** Add date and location information after the title only if this information is not already included as part of the title. *** Back to top Article in Conference Proceedings Works Cited: Hancock, Geoff. “Magic or Realism: The Marvellous in Canadian Fiction.” Magic Realism and Canadian Literature: Essays and Stories: Proceedings of the Conference on Magic Realist Writing in Canada, University of Waterloo/Wilfrid Laurier University, May 1985 . Edited by Pet er Hinchcliffe and Ed Jewinski, U of Waterloo P, 1986, pp. 30 -48 . Parenthetical Note: (Hancock 43) *** Note in this example that the date and location of the conference is included in the title. *** Back to top6 Government Publication – Without Personal Author Works Cited: Security above All: Transforming Canada’s Air Force . Department of National Defence, 2004 . Parenthetical Note: (Security 6) Works Cited: United Nations. The Oxford Handbook of the United Nations. Edi ted by Thomas G Weiss and Sam Daws, Oxford UP, 2008. doi: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199560103.001.0001 Parenthetical Note: (UN 5) *** If the institution is also the publisher, skip the author elem ent . If the government department is not the publisher , list the department as author . *** G overnment Publication – With Personal Author Works Cited: Colbourne, E.B., and P. Stead. “ Long -Term Temp erature Monitoring Program 1998 – 1999, Newfoundland Region .” Canadian Technical Report of Hydrography and Ocean Science , no. 206. Dep artment of Fisheries and Oceans, Science Branch, 2000 . Parenthetical Note: (Colbourne and Stead 271) Back to top7 Theses or Dissertations – Published Works Cited: Stevandic, Srdjan. Modelling, Control and Simulation of a Grid -Connected Fuel Cell Power Plant . M.E.Sc. thesis. Faculty of Graduate Studies, The University of Western Ontario, 2004. Parenthetical Note: (Stevandic 76 -77) Theses or Dissertations – Unpublished Works Cited: Stevandic, Srdjan. “ Modelling, Control and Simulation of a Grid -Connected Fuel Cell Power Plant .” M.E.Sc. thesis. Faculty of Graduate Studies, The University of Western Ontario, 2004. Parenthetical Note: (Stevandic 76 -77) *** If dissertation is published, title is italicized. If dissertation is not published, title is put in quotation marks *** Back to top8 Web sites Works Cited: Old East Village Community Association . . Accessed 1 Dec. 2016. Parenthetical Note: (OEVCA ) Films / Movies Works Cited: Seven Samurai . Directed by Akira Kurosawa. Perf ormances by Toshir o Mifune, Takashi Shimura. Janus Films, 2006. Parenthetical Note: (Seven Samurai ) Television Programs Works Cited: “Winter.” Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Netflix Canada, 25 Nov. 2016, Netflix, . Accessed 1 Dec. 2016. Parenthetical Note: (“Winter ”) Back to top