Morality is a principal concerning the distinction

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Morality is a principal, concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior (Oxford Dictionary). In some sense, it is about leaving with yourself while Justice is about living with other People(Isaacs Morehouse). Justice is about right relation to others as measured against the mores of society, while morality is about right relation to right itself, as measured against your own (Isaacs Morehouse). In the murder on Orient Express, a great fictional detective of 20th century, solved the murder mystery which is committed on the orient express train but when the time had come to reveal the murderer, he founded himself confused at the justice point because when he went through victim Rachet background, it made him to move from his ethic values.

Morality in the Murder on the orient express was represented as form of moral dilemma, moral standing and moral law which can be seem as revenge, society safety and mercy respectively in the story. because when detective Poirot who believed that his role on the earth given to him by “ len bon dieu” was to reveal crime and have those held accountable (Amanada,2017) however he upheld his values that he turned down opportunities that were not aligned with his beliefs or moral values (Amanada,2017). Arthur Christie, the message through this novel she revealed through this novel that written law possible can be changed over moral law because the scale of justice can be changed after seeing the whole truth (Amanada ,2017). A jury is made up of twelve citizens who walk into a courtroom and decide whether a defendant is guilty or innocent (Shmoop Editorial Team). Murder in orient express played with the same idea (Shmoop Editorial Team). Justice was served in a way that it wasn’t guaranteed in the Courts (Shmoop Editorial Team).

Toor 2A moral dilemma is defined as any situation in which the person making the decision experiences a conflict between the moral rightness of a decision and the quality of the results it produces(Tiffany,2017). Many times, these dilemmas involve a morally wrong decision that produces a desirable result, or vice versa (Tiffany,2017). Other times, moral dilemmas involve a decision in which the person is forced to choose only one of two good things (Tiffany,2017). Before the explanation of moral dilemma in the story, the description of rachet background is essential. Rachet real name was Cassette(123helpme). He kidnapped daisy Armstrong and her parent paid 200000dollars for her return(123helpme). However, the diabolical man murdered Daisy brutally because of his fun(123helpme). From the obituary, Mrs. Armstrong gave birth to dead child who was born prematurely and herself died and Mr. Armstrong shot himself(123helpme). Daisey nursemaid named Susanne committed Suicide with this tragedy(123helpme).

Rachett was arrested but he escaped the justice by using enormous money and power(123helpme). All the the twelve in the train: Mrs. hubbard, Hector Mcqueen, Edward Masterman, Colonel Arbuthnot, Mary Debenham, princess Dagomiroff, Countess Andrenyi, Cyrus hardman, Antonio Foscanelli , Greta Ohlsson, Hildegrade Schmidt and Pierre Miche were related to the Armstrong family(123helpme). In order to bring the justice and to balance the scale of truth 12 of them determined to kill cassette Moral standing is the system we used to place value on the people and things around us (Jessica). It is measuring stick Which is used to decide whether or not something stands alone worthy of respect (Jessica). If individual believe someone has moral standing, then it makes a moral difference how he/she treat them(Jessica). In deeper thoughts, if we give someone or some think moral standing we are claiming that our behaviour toward them should take their better interests in to account for their sake and not just it benefits us (Jessica). Same in the Toor 3murder on the orient express, the staff and family of Daisy Armstrong wanted to kill rachet and succeeded (Graduateway). He was found innocent in the court, however, the conspirators were determined to kill him not to punish him for his crime, but also to prevent him to hurting another children’s (Graduateway). The crime committed was heinous and Rachet was certainly guilty of it. He escaped justice under the jurisdiction of United states and his freedom was seen as being dangerous to other children (Graduateway). Rachett both in persona as in name nothing more than a front for the true face of evil (Graduateway). If all the 12 believed that not only they were doing justice for innumerable wrong, but preventing the murder of more innocent children, then the moral standing become a distinctively more indistinguishable line (Graduateway). Moral law is a system of guidelines for behavior(Farlex).

These guidelines may or may not be part of a religion, codified in written form, or legally enforceable (Farlex). Moral law was represented in the sort of mercy. At the end in murder on the orient express when Hercules Poirot solved the case Poirot had 12 criminal those were guilty for the murder of brutal man (A research guide). But Poirot leaves the guilty people to their own conscience as to how to proceed with his findings (A research guide). Poirot makes it clear that he knows exactly what happened and he has the evidence to prove it (A research guide). Yet, in the final analysis, he chooses to not pursue the matter beyond the confines of the action (A research guide). Poirot understands that there is a moral law, one which demands justice for the murder of an innocent child ( A research guide). And there is a written enforceable law which demand that those who take outside of the law are guilty of a crime (A research guide). Poirot came down on the side of moral law and on the behalf of the moral law he let all of them to be free (A research guide).

Toor 4Poirot was not only a detective; he was also a retired police officer. He had the deductive reasoning skills of someone like Sherlock Holmes, but he also carries with him the duty of a law enforcement officer (A research guide). Poirot is one character with strong principles who sees the world in black and white (Amanda, 2017). He lives a perfectly balanced life where he needs things to be in perfect order (Amanda, 2017). In the movie, he quoted, “And whatever people say, there is right and there is wrong (Amanda, 2017). There is no in-between.” In the world where there is more grey than black and white, Poirot is determined to bring out the truth as he sees his responsibility to protect the innocent and uphold justice (Amanda, 2017). In fact, he is so convicted in upholding his values that he turned down opportunities that are not aligned with his beliefs or moral values (Amanda, 2017).

As much as he is ‘perfectly’ principled, in the end, when he was challenged whether to convict the guilty, he had to learn to live with the imbalance where the scales of justice may not be as perfectly balanced as he thought (Amanda, 2017).Christie illustrated that all the twelve relatives of Armstrong on the train they acted as jury and executioner of a criminal (Shmoop Editorial Team). A jury is made up of twelve citizens who walk into a courtroom and decide whether a defendant is guilty or innocent (Shmoop Editorial Team). Murder on the orient express plays with the same idea (Shmoop Editorial Team). The Jury system has a rather unusual interpretation in Murder on The Orient Express, at least by Western standards (Sparknotes,2019). A self-appointed group of twelve, the same number of people in a jury, convicts Ratchett to death and then murder him (Sparknotes,2019). The idea of a “jury”” or the Justness of the Toor 5jury becomes thematic material(Sparknotes