Most people feel miserable and lonely every now and then but how

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Most people feel miserable and lonely every now and then, but how would anyone know? Being depressed, feeling hopeless, scared, and other hardships could possibly lead a person to feel sad, nervous and/or anxious. A variety of people experience this on an everyday basis, sometimes they don’t even know why. Depression is a condition in which a person feels hopeless, sad, unmotivated or discouraged. Vincent Van Gogh was a famous artist of history art. Gogh had a work of art with a detailed message behind every painting that related to him in a unique way and created an estimate of 2,100 artworks including 860 oil paintings in over a decade. Most of his paintings were done in the last two years of his life. The painting sheds light on the background of the lady in the painting, his relationship with her, and her struggles as a human. The painting shows the truth behind the life of a woman named Clasina Maria Hoornik, who went by the name Sien. Sien was 32 years old and pregnant. Van Gogh found her living without a home and decided to Sien and her daughter into his home. When Van Gogh found her, she was very ill and had many complications as in a venereal disease. As Van Gogh moved her into his home, he drew and painted her and began to nurse her back into good health. He always found random people and asked to draw them for free. This was his way of expressing himself. Sien and Van Gogh had a lot of things in common within their personal life. Van Gogh related to her because they both struggled with depression and alcoholism. Alcohol is a way to cope for most people with depression. They began to have a bond which drifted Van Gogh away from many of his family and friends.Sien had many complications when Van Gogh found her. She was a prostitute with a very young aged daughter. She began to feel that alcohol could take all her pain away but it became a cycle and a habit as it usually does for most people. Prostitution was a way for her to keep her daughter fed but she still was homeless and that’s why she felt hopeless. She felt that there was no other way out of the life she was living. Being that Sien was sick with a disease, pregnant, homeless, and having a young daughter was a lot for her. That could be a lot of stress on one person. Van Gogh was a blessing waiting to cross her path. Connecting on a personally level could make any individual feel like they’re not as alone as they thought. Van Gogh came up with the name Sorrow because he believed this portrait were one of his most effective paintings. “I want to make drawings that touch some people. Sorrow is a small beginning… there is at least something directly from my own heart.” (Vincent Van Gogh). In other words, he wants people on his outside world to be able to relate to his work and him personally. Van Gogh wanted the audience to feel and understand where he was coming from. In the painting, there’s a comment stated at the bottom; In English, it reads “How can there be on earth a woman alone, abandoned?” (Sorrow Painting) Van Gogh felt that no woman shouldn’t be nor feel alone and abandoned. Sien was a drunken woman who spent her life in a state of physical and moral misery. This sketch of her shows her hopelessly crouched on the ground. The main focal point of the painting was to notice the true emotions of Sien. Van Gogh wanted to describe a woman who was abandoned with no help and care. He wanted to show Sien that she wasn’t alone. Being that he struggled with alcoholism and depression, he felt that he needed to take in her out of the feeling of pity. Anyone who struggles should always seek help or find a different way to cope with depression. Many people in the world struggle and sometimes it leads to death. That happens because they feel that they have no purpose in the world and that’s what lead Sien to drink so much. Van Gogh wanted his audience to understand his message which was to always help, never leave someone to feel lonely, sick and hopeless.