My ambition in choosing adult nursing was inspired by my time working closely with nurses and witnessing the amazing work they do for others during my work experience

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My ambition in choosing adult nursing was inspired by my time working closely with nurses and witnessing the amazing work they do for others during my work experience. Doing my work experienced made me realise that nursing is much more than a profession and a lifelong learning experience where its training has no end. It is very challenging and hectic profession but always comes with a reward. Completing many hours (100) work experience as part of my course gave me the opportunity to work with people with physical, mental and learning disabilities in three different settings. This allowed me to observe the positive impact nurses had on these services users’ lives.I performed my two work experience placement at Lake-view Residential care home for elderly people with dementia. In this placement I assisted with feeding since most the service users where not able to feed themselves, doing activities with service users such as playing Bingo, taking the time to sit and talk and listen to them and occasionally we would sing songs and do armchair exercises. I really enjoyed the practical aspect as this gave me an insight in how to do personal care. It also helped me developed my confidence and communication skills as have learnt to adopt many ways of communication and to adjust the needs of different resident’s needs. This meant disregarding my own opinion and belief and focusing on the belief and needs of the residents. My work experience has given me the chances to explore the complex nature of the nursing profession. I had plenty of time to use my initiative when left in the care of service users due to senior staff attending meeting or attending to other residents. For instance I was left to care for the service users in the communal area, I took it upon myself to organise a quiz competition among the residents to keep them active and I was really surprised at how they love to challenge each other. My reward for this was to observe happy, engaged service users who responded in a most manner toward the ability. The activities are very important for the elderly since it helps them regain lost skills. This is one of the things I really enjoyed doing during my work experienced. I gained some experience of how to deal with vulnerable adults and giving universal care to the elderly.My work placement at Princess Royal Hospital gynaecology ward thought me the values and challenges of working with others. During my time working at the hospital, I saw the concept of a multi-disciplinary team coming to life right in front of my eyes and how professionals collaborate with each other to provide care for patients. Witnessing the doctors and nurses all working together to provide healthcare service for each patient was incredible and made me realised how important teamwork is in the field of nursing. Also, I realise the most important key tool they all used is communication. Working with the senior nurse I got the chance to experience how blood pressure was being taken and recorded and how nurses administrate medicine to patients. During my placement I was given the chance to take and record pulse of the patient. I enjoy getting to know patients on a personal level and developing them throughout their pregnancies and lives. My current course health and social care has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge from each of the units we have studied. Unit 11 promoting independence and