My Children

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I have five beautiful kids that are very special to me, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I have two boys and three girls ages 26,25,20,18 and 14. I was 14 when I had my first born, he was named after his daddy, his daddy, my fiancé was very excited that his first born was a boy. It was tough being a mom, my younger childhood was over now I had to focus on what was right before me and that was my son, I had to learn how to be a mom because there weren’t any instructions that came along with my son.He was born on a special day that was on his grandmothers birthday, my mom boy was she excited, that was the best gift she ever received. At 16 I had my precious little girl wow she was perfect, but before she was born, she was teasing me as to when she was arriving, finally the day came when she decided she wanted to come out to the world she was my night baby. After having her I was still learning to be a mom as you can see I had two precious kids and it got harder because I had to deal with a toddler and a newborn and with me being a mom and all I was still going to school for my education and it’s not like anyone was there to help me my husband would work all the time which was understood he was the one that put the food on the table and paid the bill at the time, my in laws we had to pay to babysit as well as my mom but I continue to push through till one day I was at school and my sis in law came to the school to come and get me because my son wasn’t doing good so from that day forward I dropped out of school and dedicated myself 100% to my children.As the months went by, I decided to get a job. I went through Knickerbocker filling out some applications and I got a response from one of the stores I applied called Momo’s it was a sneaker store my duties were to attend to customers and help them with their needs. I attended to work when needed, but it wasn’t enough hours so one day I was talking to my brother in law and he was telling me where his niece works they hiring I asked him to get me the information so he got a hold of his niece and got the information I needed in order for me to apply. I decided to go down to apply, but I was only 16 a few months to be 17, in order to get the job I said I was 17 and they hired me on the spot I was extremely happy I called the other job and thank them for the opportunity but I got something with more hours and more pay. Now I was working for a car and limo service started a great opportunity to strive with any obstacles that came down my way. I am determined to do great not only for me but as well for my kids.I was with the company for three years and a few months, during the first year my boss found out I was going to be 17 he was a little upset, but seen I was a dedicated person to my job seen I was a good worker he allowed me to stay I was grateful.During my third year at the company I was working for my fiancé at the time found a better job it was in Connecticut and I found out I was pregnant for my third child that we had planned for, we spoke and decided what to do for a better tomorrow.March 6th of 1998 we got married and bought a house in Connecticut it was a great joy to start new in a new place but sadden that I was giving my notice to let go my job after several years with them. When my notice was given, they were saddened, but understood that we wanted better for our children. It was scary after so many years in New York to move to a place, but was nothing like New York, but it was worth it to raise my family. My kids ages 6 and 4 were thrilled at having a backyard to play in the joy of seeing your kids happy.My third pregnancy, I took it easy, wasn’t working for part of my pregnancy had fibroids and it was very painful as my baby became bigger in my belly. I would go to all my appointments it was hard cause I wanted to continue to go to my doctor I started off with in New York so I would drive to New York for my checkups till my last trimester I decided to stay with my brother till my due date. I gave birth a week before my due date. I decided to go do the little laundry I did have with me around the corner from where my brother lived and as I was going down the stairs from the building he lived I tripped and fell but the belly didn’t get hurt but that night I started getting contractions but I thought nothing of it till they started to get stronger my little brother asked me if I was ok I responded I think Ima have the baby today he got up all nervous I told him calm down I will let you know when I’m ready and gave a smirk but they were coming stronger he tried to wake up my big brother but for being out all night he was in his deep sleep that not even the building falling would have not woken him up I told Moochie just go downstairs to anna and let her know I’m going need her to take me to the hospital and call your brother in law and let him know. He ran downstairs and woke up Anna, but no one could have gotten a hold of my husband, he was sleeping after having a long night at work, but finally they got a hold of him after I already had her and he came to New York to meet his blue eye baby girl. But before they got a hold of him Anna my good friend soon to be the godmother of my baby and my brother Moochie took me to the hospital and they stood with me till they brought me up and ask me some questions my baby made an entrance when the nursed walk away I yelled her head is out they rushed me to the delivery room and my baby came so fast I couldn’t believe how fast. She was my biggest baby 7lbs she is beautiful I was blessed for the third time. I learned to become better at this my two oldest were so happy to have a baby sister. Once we were let out the hospital, we returned to our home in Connecticut. As I thought I was getting better at this I was wrong I was overwhelmed I was going crazy, but not once allowed my children to see. I would cry, my baby didn’t let me sleep, I caught postpartum depression. I got better in time.2001 I had my fourth child that wasn’t planned man with this pregnancy boy did I eat I had a huge belly people thought I was having twins, but I wasn’t there was just one baby in my belly. I remember when I was having her it was hilarious; I was due for April 11th instead I had her for my birthday that was the greatest gift. The night before I gave birth to one of my princess I was on the computer talking with my nephew, my husband was at work my kids were playing around and everything was pretty much normal as I’m talking with my nephew and joking all of the sudden my water bag broke so I told my nephew, he was like what titi and I repeated myself and told him this never happened so I let him go and called my doctor she told me Mrs. Torres I would need you to come in I told her the soonest I can be In is when my husband gets here from work she replied I see you soon. My husband got home after midnight as soon as he came in I looked at him and told him it’s time my water broke we got the kids ready and off we went to the hospital so when I got there they put me on the baby monitor were monitoring my contractions after had me walking around while my husband and my children were in the waiting room finally at 5 something in the morning she decided enter the world I couldn’t believe another little girl she was beautiful she looked like a little witch with them long fingers but beautiful after she was cleaned up and myself they allowed my family to come in and between my family and the nurses sung us happy birthday with my favorite cake coconut yummy. When we were let out the hospital, we moved to Pennsylvania do to my husband getting another job, but it didn’t last long so he found something different and moved upstate New York. I stood in Pennsylvania for a while.We then decided to move to Rochester, NY started fresh then after a few years there I came out pregnant for my last kid boy was I shocked that was not at all planned, but no regrets for this one I found out I was having a boy I was blessed and I thank god for all 5 of my children now they are all grown and they have all made me so proud. I’m a grandmother of two the greatest feelings ever. It was a journey, but I grew up with my five children and I must say I did a great job raising them.