My name is Klaycie I Rauch I was born to

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My name is Klaycie I. Rauch. I was born to Detra and Matthew Rauch on August 1, 2000 in Enid, Oklahoma. I am the oldest of six children, my sibling names are Kayleigh, Josh, Peyton, Lakyn and Charlie Rauch. I grew up in Cleo Springs, Oklahoma which is truly a small town that not many know about. The schools that I went to are Aline-Cleo Elementary and Aline-Cleo High School. At Aline-Cleo Elementary I attended through pre-k to sixth grade. I participated in Basketball and Academics. At Aline-Cleo High School I attended through seventh to senior year. I participated in Academics and went to Northwest Technology Center, which is an institution where a person learn skills they need for the career they choose, where I participated in their Health Career program. During my high school career I also participated in Northwestern Oklahoma University Upward Bound Math and Science program. During my high school career I was not given many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. In my graduating class there were only ten seniors and that was the biggest class in the whole high school, which only had about fifty-five students. In my graduating class I was Salutatorian and had a gpa of 3.857. I did not participate in that many school activities simply, because the school did not provide that many other things other than sports and academics. In my Junior and Senior year, I was given more of an opportunity to participate in other things. In the Summer of Freshmen year, I started going to Upward Bound at Northwestern Oklahoma University. Upward Bound is a program that was made to help prepare high school students for college. Going to Upward Bound was a new thing for me the culture of it was so different than what I was use to. There were so many people there from different schools all round Alva. Upward Bound helped me learn the different cultures of different schools. It helped me to get out of my shell more seeing as I am extremely shy when meeting people. The culture of Upward Bound was different since it gave more of college type feel to it. Upward Bound helped to give me a better feel of the world. Upward Bound also gave me a better understanding of what it was like to be around people of different societies. The social groups were all different there along with the culture. It made socialization there a lot harder, than it was at school. It also showed the difference between the norms of the schools that attended. What was normal for one group was much different than what was normal for another. When I was senior there it was easier than it had been the previous years. I was at the top of the food chain and understood what we were and were not supposed to do. I made so many friends at Upward Bound my first year there I made friends with a few of the people who were a grade higher than I. Being friend with the older grades made it easier to transition into Upward Bound and not feel so out of place. During my junior and senior years I attended Northwest Technology Center. While attending Northwest Tech I took classes in their Health Career class. In the class, I was certified in First Aid, CPR, and in using the AED. I am also certified as a certified nurse’s aide (CNA). I also learn more in depth about what nurses really do. I also was given the ability to job shadow at multiple places, a couple of those places are at the Fairview Regional Health Center and at the Fairview Fellowship Home. During those jobs shadows I learned more about what a nurse has to do and what they do to provide care for a patient. A nurse is with the patient longer than the doctor, they are the ones who are the first to know about anything and everything that is happening to a person. As a second year student at the Tech and in my program, I was given more opportunities to job shadow, one of which was at the hospitals in Enid. I was also given the opportunity to help with volunteer programs at the Tech and at the schools. In my Senior year of high school I took college classes through Redlands Community College. One of those classes was Sociology which is where I learned more about socialization. By learning about socialization, I was able to learn why it was so important that we socialize. I did not have the chance to really socialize until I was older and able to go places on my own. Being able to take college classes helped me be more prepared for college and helped me get an idea of what the classes my be like. Being able to learn sociology helped me to learn and understand the things around myself better. It also helped me understand socialization and why we try and socialize as soon as we are able. Being able to socialize helps us learn our roles in society and were we stand among our peers. Being able to understand the roles we are given helps us learn more about ourselves. To learn one’s self helps to understand why we are in the position we are in and what we do with it. When, I was beginning high school I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to do in life at that point, but know I have an idea of what I am suppose to do and what I may need to do to achieve it. Having an idea of what I want to do in the real world it has helped me learn about myself and what I will most likely do in the future. I have learned a lot over the years about myself and how to achieve the things that I wish to achieve, but only time will tell if I am able to do everything that I wish to do.