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My Vision and Interests, SWOT Analysis, Professional Goals, and Statement of PhilosophyGermain Nkoue University of Texas-ArlingtonIn partial fulfillment of the requirements of RN-BSN Nursing Management Nurs 4455 Gladys Maryol MHA, RN 06/22/19  My Vision and Interests, SWOT Analysis, Professional Goals, and Statement of Philosophy A professional development plan is highly significant for a nurse to attain excellence. Nursing is very demanding and is usually conducted in a technical and fast-paced environment. Nurses are forced to make quick decisions on the care for patients and are to communicate effectively with other healthcare personnel. Therefore, the professional development plan enables nurses to know the milestones in their careers they need to attain and the timelines as well.Part A. Completion of Assessment ToolsMy Vision and InterestsPersonal VALUES Influencing


Responsibilities As a nurse am dedicated to take care and help people regardless of their religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, race, addictions, disability, citizenship, or socioeconomic status. Furthermore, I am committed to supporting local and national professional nursing organizations through volunteer service on committees and boards and monetary contributions.Commitment I am committed to a degree of selflessness, accountability, truthfulness, integrity, and dedication. Personal Experience I want to take part in something exciting, challenging, and that which makes a difference in the lives of people. Family Member(s) I want to help my family by being a great supporter of strong family values within the community and even in my country.

Friends Through nursing school and college, my friends have been instrumental in inspiring my interest in nursing and commitment to the field, which has become even stronger over the years. Peers As a nurse, every day, I aspire to teach something new to my peers and colleagues, which will motivate me to explore more in-depth knowledge of the procedures and techniques I will utilize.Mentors My mentors have assisted me in building my aptitude for my work. They have helped me gain ability in communicating with people and explain things in both non-technical and technical way, making me a good nurse.Work-Related In the profession of nursing, I aim to one day be part of the American Nurses Association. I strive to promote good health practices and disease awareness.

OPTIONS to Consider

PLANNED AccomplishmentsEducation I need to undertake more of nursing education which revolves around acute care, which will include aspects of long-term care, public health, and primary care. One that will incorporate the intricacies of care transitions and coordinationFinancial Needs To acquire financial competency, I will be involved a financial management education programs which will ideally provide me a greater financial oversight.

Balancing Personal & Professional Life Becoming more effective in managing my time will enable me to make time to sit down with family members and discuss expectations, set boundaries at work and home, and accept my limitations as well. As an Individual I aspire to develop a broad range of skills, which includes learning the various hospital departments. Furthermore, I plan on developing a real balance of my emotions in the care for patients such as empathy, compassion and caring while maintaining my calm when a patient goes through difficult moments such as grief associated with pain and illness.Leader I will engage in the efforts of implementation concerning the reforms of healthcare and have a voice in the decision making of health policy. Furthermore, I should be able to form new relations with other clinicians, philanthropists, business owners, elected officials, and the public to assist in the realization of improvements in the health sector.Team Member As a nurse, I dedicate to help my team members which means covering one another during lunches and breaks, assisting each other during a heavy workload or crisis, and willingness to flexibility so that everyone can attain their time off. This is so that neither the team nor patients suffer.

My SWOT Analysisl;

STRENGTHS WEAKNESSESPersonal Strengths/Talents As an effective strength, I care, understand, and have a strong ability to empathize with persons from different backgrounds. Furthermore, I am an amazing encourager and listener. I can go above and beyond for my patients.Professional Interests Helping people daily is one primary interest I have in nursing. I get personal gratification every time, and every day, I get to save life. I like to help, give advice and teacher other, or be of service. Additionally, I like searching for facts and mentally, figuring out solutions to problems. Personal CharacteristicsOne of my biggest weakness is becoming attached easily to my patients. It is difficult emotionally when one of the patients I care for passes on. Professional Development AreasAssessing my learning needs is one of my weaknesses. I lag in staying up-to-date on techniques, treatments, and health care trends.OPPORTUNITIES THREATSLearning Experiences Looking for platforms to have good relationships with the nurse supervisors will enable me to acquire a positive learning experience. Practical advice, reflections, and regular feedback from the supervisors are essential in improving my self-esteem, motivation, confidence, and practical competence. I will engage in training opportunities in the nursing field.FlexibilityBeing emotionally aware and able to cultivate that ability will help me recognize how I can react in particular situations, which will enable me to acquire self-control and become more considerate about how my reactions impact others.

Planned or Unplanned

I will be watching out for vacancies in the various departments at the workplace, which can further propel me in my nursing career. Additionally, I will look out for leadership roles which can be valid for my career developmentResources and NetworksI will attend nursing conferences and workshops, which will enable me to network with other established nurses in the field. Furthermore, I will take advantage of training opportunities.Balancing Personal & Professional Life Becoming more effective in managing my time will enable me to make time to sit down with family members and discuss expectations, set boundaries at work and home, and accept my limitations as well. FearsThe economic climate of the industry is highly unpredictable. And there is a high rate of unemployment. Becoming too complacent.Competition Entering the job market at a time when the industry is highly competitive, reduce the chances of getting a good paying job. A degree may not be focalized enough.Limiting Factors The salary rates for an average nurse are quite low in the industry, which is one major constraint. Work/study balance can become imbalanced due to career increment.

My Professional GoalsWrite at least one goal in each time category. Write the goal in measurable terms, and list them in order of those that are most important to you to those that are least important.As a New BSN Graduate With Experience 3 – 5 Years1. Become a nurse manager in two months after graduation2. Landing my first managerial nursing job immediately after getting my BSN.3. Find a mentor within the first six months, more experienced RNs at the workplace, via networking to assist me with my long-term nursing career goals.4. Develop my work-life balance capabilities within the first six months

.5. Discover my specialty passion within the first year. 1. Provide excellent patient-centered care in three years by changing work schedule to practitioner RN2. Increase comprehension of physiological/anatomical symptoms and technology in three years3. Focus on continuing with education by learning something new every year in five years4. Developing interpersonal skills in three years5. Becoming an expert by enhancing particular skills to a level of mastery in five yearsNew Horizons 10 Years Career Accomplishments 25 – 30 Years1. Graduate with M.S.N. C.N.S. specialty degree in eight years2. Gain 1-year professional nursing experience as Acute C.N.S. Specialist after graduating3. Participate at least in 2 mission trips in 7 years 1. Joining the American Nurses Association2. Become involved with the wide committees of hospitals to enhance the practice of nursing on a large scale in 20 years.3. Lobbying or becoming an advocate in my field in 25 years.4. Develop protocols for clinics and hospitals 25 years.

Part B: Analysis and Conclusions

References, Format, and OrganizationStatement of Philosophy

Record your statements of philosophy of Nursing and of personal philosophy. Explain how these are reflected the values, vision, and personal interests that you recorded in your “My Vision and Interests” tool. My philosophy is founded on giving optimal, compassionate, empathetic, and competent universal care to my best. This philosophy originates from the principles and values instilled in throughout my life. These beliefs and values are accompanied by a degree of selflessness, accountability, truthfulness, integrity, and dedication, and that is what has driven me to this profession and is driving me currently, as I proceed to offer care to the community, my family and patients. I believe for me to keep in stride with my philosophy, education has to play a significant part. Matua (2015), asserts that continued education on issues associated with patient care is essential. I consider that patients’ and families’ sexual orientation, ethnic background, and cultural beliefs should be respected and I have confidence in my ability not to show any discrimination. I promise to uphold the American Nurses Association codes of ethics by providing confidentiality and privacy, care, and protection of the rights of patients (Jarrin, 2012). Meehan (2012) gives his opinion that nursing is more than a profession; it is a platform where one has a privilege to utilize their skills and knowledge to assist the ones who not able to aid themselves.

Use of Assessment Tools to Formulate Goals

Clearly utilize information from the Assessment Tools as the basis for formulating your goals. Develop a list of prioritized goals based on your assessments. Goals must be stated in measurable terms, i.e., how can you tell you have accomplished that goal? Identify dates for accomplishing each goal. As a newly BSN nurse graduate, I have essential goals which I aim to achieve as long as I am a nurse. One of my most important goal, immediately after graduating is becoming a nurse manager. I will apply for a nurse manager job within two months after graduating, for me to attain my managerial skills. My second goal is to ensure I achieve the core characteristics in five years, which will propel me into being a successful nurse (Alligood, 2013). Third, I will commit myself to a learning, thus enhancing my skills in a particular field, attaining a mastery level in ten years. My fourth goal will be providing my community and country ongoing services to whoever needs medical help in 30 years.Specific StrategiesIdentify specific strategies for accomplishing your goals. Give specific examples for accomplishing your goals, including resources and major intermediate steps. I am a firm believer that one’s education does not end when they graduate. It continues as long as one is in the nursing profession.

My goal is to stay current on my education by obtaining certifications, taking courses, attending workshops and conferences, as well as being involved in meaningful nursing organizations. By achieving this goal, I will advance in my career and expand my effectiveness as a prosperous nurse. Nursing involves the soul, mind, and body. Without a doubt, it is a physically demanding job, yet similarly as essential is the emotional demand (Horsfall, Cleary & Hunt, 2012). My personal qualities, as well as academic performances, will offer the basis for my career. My primary strategy is achieving teamwork between my colleagues and me. Not only is teamwork significant but also essential in attaining help whenever necessary. A team will be one of the critical means to help me achieving vital skills at my workplace. Another essential quality is to understanding diversity and the essentiality of honoring and acknowledging, instead of ignoring or judging (Converse, 2012). To provide ongoing service to my community and country to those who are less privileged and in requirement of medical assistance, I plan on registering with disaster response organizations and disaster registries.

This will offer me a platform to give back to my country or even traveling to impoverished nations to assist. It will be an honor for me to serve needy and deprived people, a means of further defining my meaning of being an RN (McCurry et al., 2010).Priority of GoalsExplain how the priority of your goals is consistent with your statements of values. Explain how your goals are congruent with each other and with your values. Some of the essential persona values a nurse may have are selflessness, accountability, integrity, and dedication (Risjord, 2011). With a commitment to my profession, I believe it will enable me to overcome the challenges of being a nurse since nursing is highly demanding. Besides, being dedicated to take care and help people, regardless of their differences, will enable me to take part in ongoing service to various communities and nations.

It is with this dedication that I will be determined to further my education in the nursing field, thus advancing in my career. Melynk (2013) confirms that nursing requires teamwork; therefore, it is essential for me to be ready to help others and have a willingness to be flexible. This is where the degree of selflessness, integrity, and accountability is needed. This will assist me in attaining core characteristics, which will be consistent with my career as a nurse. In the promotion of disease awareness and good health, I will be dedicated to supporting local and national professional nursing organizations through volunteer service and monetary contributions (Bourque, 2011). Summary Choosing nursing as a profession will enable me to attain essential qualities which I believe will ascertain my success in this profession. I have established essential goals, so to continue on this path to success.

My most important goal is to continue with my education after graduating as a BSN nurse and become a nurse manager. Secondly, I commit to achieving the main characteristics which describe a successful nurse. With the attainment of these goals of continual learning, essential qualities, and volunteering, I am hoping to achieve the qualities required to offer my patients care that will satisfy them. Not only will I be responsible for the coordination of their care, by identifying and assessing my patients’ needs, but it is also my obligation as well to advocate for them.


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