Ndumu ThomasWK2 DiscussionDRAFTIntroductionPART 1Reasons for advancing my career and the expectationsWhich career

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Ndumu ThomasWK2 DiscussionDRAFTIntroduction:PART 1-Reasons for advancing my career and the expectations.-Which career path, family nurse practitioner versus psychiatric nurse practitioner.-Which MSN program to enroll in, online versus traditionalPART 2-Challenges to face-Online studies-Financial consideration-Practicum site and Mentor, medical doctor Versus Nurse practitioner.PART 3-Strategies to succeed-Academically-ProfessionallyConclusion: I graduated from nursing school with a bachelor’s degree in 2004. Since then i have worked in various capacities. Owning and running a private home health agency is where my career let me too. I enjoy my day job but have wrestled over the years whether this was the end point of my career. To answer this question, i realize, i must have a clear vision and mission to guarantee the intended outcome. Advancing my career was paramount to me why because i have over the years serve as an inspiration to my entire family. As the first child and son, i want to send the message to my family and children that the sky is the limit with education. According to Kristine L. Mackey “A nation’s brilliance and ability to prosper is directly dependent upon its people’s edification. America is considered a powerhouse internationally because its citizens recognize the importance of learning and the fact that continuing growth through knowledge is a powerful tool for maintaining such elite status globally”.When i concluded that perhaps i will not be able to have an increase financial benefit