No body can deny that you can be poor and can be

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No body can deny that you can be poor and can be wealthy , but can’t be the both at the same time . In our society there is a big difference between the rich and the poor people , which money-based but it’s extends to health,educatiin and a decent life as well . In addition to that and according to statistics poor people make up the largest category in global socities, and the rest of population has everything they need and more .Here we are comparing between being poor or being wealthy .Wealthy people live in big houses.wealthy families live in big and convienet housing ,some of their houses are wider than hotels ,and within them they have every thing human imagines, the avarege number of family members is three or four chipdren. And in many rich families parrents are too busy to care of them ,so that parents provide aspecial nanny at home or nursery to take care pf them ;wash their clothes ,feed them ,play with them and rise important how to act ,and children are lucky to have this person to take care of them .The poor live in the street or in narrow houses with one or two rooms .The houses are built so that they are close to each other and there are no windows in the front of the house , so the houses look very bad ,and there is no backyard and no toilets in the houses ,The toilets is on the outside and the whole street is a place for toilets .Their homes are often near factories where people work , and their families and relatives are large , and they have nothing more than they wear . In conclusion, and in my opinion , there must be aglobal organization that gets the rights of the poor by taking a fraction of the rich and giving them to the poor as akind of honesty and equality between members of society in order to be fair in society to let them live equally without the poor feeling humiliated or even in need.