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What is Meditation? Reflection consolidates trying to set up your contemplations and psyche so as to remain right now, considering the way that there is confirmed concordance. Contemplations of what might be on the horizon (what can/might/will occurs, actuating trepidation or uneasiness) or of the past (what did or may have occurred, inciting issue, stun, or envy) shield us from feeling the concordance that is right now. In different words, being completely loose as of now recommends that you don’t consider the past or the future, and are liberated (for whatever timeframe that the contemplate session forges ahead) from the negative notions (stress) that go with those contemplations Instances of reflection • Can you consider a development where you totally disregard time? Right when your thought is locked in to such a degree, that you state, “I don’t have the foggiest thought where the time went?”” Examples might be: painting or drawing