Nowadays as we all know that conflicts have been part of our

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Nowadays as we all know that conflicts have been part of our lives in everywhere such as workplace, public environment, family environment, church environment and school environment etc. The daily interaction of employees that take place not always go smoothly, not always agree together on something, giving ascend to tiffs and animosity between the workers. Subsequently, the conflicting parties maybe completely and unwilling to solves their problem in their own. However, they look for a solution to solve it in order to receive good outcomes. However, it is absolute must for the employees to trying developing the right approach to address the issues happen in the workplace. According to the case study given it, point up the problems as follow: Problem: The department managers all agree to implement telehealth communication while some of the doctors and nurses opposed it and prefer high- touch approach to patient care Refer to this problem its point out the two team not in the same side. They both have different aspect. It seems 90% of the workers agree on implement electronic telecommunication and 10% of doctor and nurses opposed it and prefer other techniques. The question is, is these two techniques will bring out same result? Are the organization will achieved their goal if the workers are in different side and not cooperate? How we will resolve this problem to end up happiness for the both team?There are different types of Resolution Conflict Style and Collaboration are best solution amongst them. Collaboration is the best solution for the above situation. It endeavors to discover a solution that will address the issues everything being equal and both sides are happy. This style could be appropriate when various points of view should be tended to, there is a significant relationship present between the parties, the last arrangement is very significant for anyone to be displeased, or the convictions of numerous partners must be represented.As indicated by the situation, all department managers have agreed and tried to implement a telehealth program using electronic telecommunications and information systems to check vital signs and heart health of patients in their homes. However, some of the doctors and nurses are opposed to the electronic telecommunications and information system and preferred the high- touch approach to patient care. From this situation, these two technology are both critical to deliver health services. The concerns of everyone included are of most extreme significance. We use collaboration in solve this issue because the management style is that it makes every parties feel as if they are esteemed enough to have their concern considered. For example, the department managers listened to why some of the doctors and nurses prefer in the high-touch approach to patient care and the doctors and nurses do the same things to listen to why the department managers prefer the telehealth program. There are needs for them to know each reason if its add to contribute to deliver better health services.When we look at collaboration, it is portrayed just like a success/win understanding in light of the fact that the two parties (department managers together with the doctors and nurses) leave the engagement very happy with the result. It is an integrative procedure, which may include a collaboration of thoughts, convictions, and emotions bringing about an ideal result. For example, Stephen Covey, in his profoundly acclaimed book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, describes win/win as a “frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions. Win/Win implies understandings or arrangements are commonly advantageous