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Assignment: LeadershipNUR204Beatrice Hall- DamasIn the article titled, “Correlation between nursing managers’ leadership styles and nurses’ job stress and anticipated turnover,” the authors researched the relationship between certain nursing styles along with stress levels and turnover rate. Authors discussed how different types of nursing styles could cause an overload of stress, which causes a higher turnover rate. In this study, approximately 1,617 nurses participated in the study. The authors found that the two leadership styles that caused the most stress were transactional and transformational. The authors also found that a laissez- faire approach was the most successful nursing leadership style. The laissez- faire style reduced stress in the work environment as well as showed improvement in job quality and satisfaction. As a nurse, I do support the laissez- faire leadership style but to a certain extent. I believe that an employment environment must be structured and have rules, however, I also believe it is important to remain hands off in certain situations to reduce the amount of stress. I try to stick with this approach as a nurse but in a professional manner. I believe that when rules need to be implemented, it is important to stay firm and strict with my decisions. At my previous employer, I believe I used this approach to help alleviate some of the stress in the environment as it was a very stressful environment working at a psychiatric facility, however, I realized that the laissez faire approach did not always work. I found myself having to become stricter depending on the clientele and the people I was working with, as I was the shift supervisor. This article relates to nursing practice in many ways. As a relatively new nurse, I am still learning everything, especially the importance of leadership styles and the effects of stress this field causes a nurse to have. This article was very interesting to read because the authors discussed several different leadership styles that I had never really heard of or seen another nurse implement. This article helped me to understand what I can do and what I can try, as I am usually the shift supervisor and have to implement rules. The authors also brought up some good points about how stress can affect not only a nurse physically, but it can also negatively influence job performance and lower job satisfaction for nurses. Bibliography Amir, H. P., Anna Falcó‐Pegueroles, & Lotfi, Z. (2019). Correlation between nursing managers’ leadership styles and nurses’ job stress and anticipated turnover. Journal of Nursing Management, 27(3), 527-534. doi:, B., & Jacob, S. R. (2019). Contemporary nursing: Issues, trends, & management. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.