Nursing has always been a passion of mine as it is such

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Nursing has always been a passion of mine as it is such a rewarding profession that allows you to work at the forefront of the medical field allowing you to not only aid those who are sick, but be there for the patients through their treatment due to the good rapport built by the job. I believe nursing is not just about working in a hospital but it’s more about the relationship you build with the service users which allows them to feel comfortable sharing their issues with you. It has always been my dream to help people and change lives and have always been interested in science making nursing the perfect pathway for me as it is the two combined. I understand the hard work and dedication required to become a nurse and the long hours that are being put in but in the end it would lead to such a rewarding profession that will change lives for the better, which is what I aspire to do.I believe the subjects I am currently studying have many links to nursing. Studying sociology has allowed me to understand how society functions and allowed me to learn about the changing world. I have learnt that with the way that society is changing, it is important for you to build a good rapport so that people feel comfortable to communicate with you. Sociology has also taught me how different groups of people are disadvantaged and why they are disadvantaged and what can be done to help. This links to nursing because sociology is a form of social sciences that teaches you how to interact with others and how society works. I think this is vital for nursing because you will have to interact with different groups of people daily whilst working and will have to know how to correctly interact with them. Studying biology has taught me about how our body works and and gives you an understanding on what medications are used to cure illnesses. It teaches you what causes certain illnesses and what part of the body is in control of the functions being carried out. This links to nursing because biology is a big part of nursing as I will be working with medication and patients who will need their illnesses to be treated so i will need to know the cause and treatment for illnesses. Health and social care has helped me understand how to work in healthcare environments and the ways to approach different groups and the importance of safety.