Nursing Leadership and Management 100 MDD

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Nursing Leadership and Management 100 MDD Baljinder Kaur Sandhu 141535187  SELF REFLECTIONI have completed my Bachelor of Nursing from India in 2016. After completion of my 12th class in 2012, I was very sensitive to serve humanity so; I choose Nursing as a course. I learned too much things regarding care from nursing profession in my graduation. After completed my BSc. Nursing, I did one-year job in Baghi hospital in Emergency department in India too. I have learned many things that was very knowledgeable for me in my future life. I have learned most of the leadership skills from this profession and job or not in the professional but personal life also. When I worked in hospital, once there was an emergent condition when my patient went into the cardiogenic shock and the nurse manager was not there at that time. I was new in hospital though I controlled the situation in a very suitable manner. I went to the ward and start taking vital signs of patient and doing the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and tried to do my best to save the life of patient as a nurse. That time I handled the condition without the help of any senior nurse and saved the patient’s life, because I learned from my training how to handle emergency. Before this successful procedure I always thought that I am not able to handle emergency situations alone without any senior nurse but after that day I felt very well, and I got leadership skills. The job experience made me learn so much of the leadership skills and at that time I knew that patient’s safety was my priority and a good character trait too, so I manage all the patient’s handlings to save their life. That was a time when I came to know about accountability as a leadership skill that is responsible for one’s action was very much important. From that time to till now, I am in learning session and tries to learn each and every aspect of leadership and feels enthusiastic to whatever I am learning. IMPORTANCE OF CHARACTER AS A QUALITY OF LEADERSHIP According to me, I must say that the character plays a vital role in our lives and in developing the leadership qualities too. Character traits are the reflection of the human personalities that develop from time to time. Likewise, in my own experience situation whether I was a new but the duty and determination quality of my personality which I have learned from my nursing profession attempt me to save the patient’s life at that time. Spirit regarding serve humanity and of course my confidence was the only thing that encourage me to cover the situation. No doubt it was much challenged situation at that time for me to save the life of patient without any senior nurse guidance, but I did my best. Those characteristics traits become the big strength for me as a leader that leads me, motivates me and made me capable of taking that important initiative for saving patient’s life. Hence well said by Meier, J. (n.d.) “Character makes trust possible, and trust is the foundation of leadership. It’s true that charisma can make a person stand out for a moment, but character sets a person apart for a lifetime.” Confidence brings a positive attitude in me and help me to make my own character. I assumed by that case and know that character and leadership run side by side. Character leads and develops the leadership qualities in a person. From that experience, I continued to get rid of my weaknesses and start learning from my experience. LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLESLeadership principles play a crucial part in every organization and personal life. I used the serving to others, respect to people and communication principle at that time. A good leader is that who used better communication skills with people and motivates them and avoid barriers in such a way that automatically results in the better outcomes. As well, in the absence of nurse manager I maintained the proper communication bridge between me and with my patient, leads them all in such a way, will automatically result better outcomes and I was able to save his life. Building trust of my colleagues and patient in me was a great strength. There is a one more important principle that I have incorporated at that time, leadership was not about the position that at which position you are it’s all about the behavior of a person because it’s all about the people. I knew that I was fully accountable for my actions. SETTING MANAGEABLE AND OBTAINABLE GOALS AS A QUALITY OF LEADERSHIPThis is a responsibility of a leader for creating and realizing the vision by motivating their subordinates to work towards the achievement of a common goal. On the other side, self-assessment and tracking their own strengths and weaknesses promotes their leadership development plans and drive their leadership strategies accordingly for accomplishment superior performance benchmarks. At the time of emergent situation, I was lacking many leadership skills due to less experience in my profession, so in the future I tries to overcome them. After that in 2017, I decided to come in Canada to learn more about my profession and leadership skills, that’s why I got admission in “Health care administration” at Canadore college, Mississauga. I completed this course in 2018 and then I started Nursing Leadership and Management course at Seneca college, Markham. In this course I learned many things about from my mentor and a very good leader Anne Jackson taught me a lot about the leadership and about qualities of good leader like be punctual, honest, decision maker, hard worker, good communicator and knowledgeable. She taught me these things because she is an instructor of Nursing Leadership and Management course and always she guides me in every instance. REFERENCESBeard, C. 2018, January, Importance of Self-Reflection, Retrieved from, A. 2018. Principles of effective and Authentic leadership Retrieved from, J. (n.d.) john Maxwell Quotes. Retrieved from