Nursing Research Paper Topics

Writing a Nursing Research Paper: Best Topics to Choose

1. Nursing Ethics Assignment. This nursing paper topic is to critically discuss two issues, autonomy, and confidentiality, relevant to the healthcare profession.
2. Broad Nursing Theory and Mid-Range Theory. This topic for you to discuss broad nursing theory and mid-range theory. The specific theories that are used as examples are comfort theory self-care and self-care deficit theory (broad theory). The paper should show that both theories are constructive to nursing, but that mid-range theory allows experimentation and solid conclusions.
3. Health Care Comparisons: America and Sweden. This topic is for compare and contrast paper on the health care systems in the United States and Sweden. It can discuss why there is so much dissatisfaction with American health care and question whether health-care problems in America can be solved in the same manner how Sweden problems were solved.
4. Collaboration of Biomedical Technology and Nursing. This topic for you to potentially discuss the following statement: “The application of the biomedical to nursing practice is argued to promote the valuing of technology and technical interventions and a corresponding devaluing of caring and nurturing.”
5. Therapist Liability: The Ethical Considerations. In this paper, you can uncover the ethical considerations regarding therapist’s liability, and present in detail the latest ethical guidelines which must be adhered to by therapists in order to avoid potential liability actions.
6. Description of a Hospital Room. This paper will discuss what is in a hospital room when someone is admitted to a hospital. By understanding what the many machines and other healing qualities that are present in a hospital, a reader can see how they interact with each other to help create a tranquil environment.
7. Participative Management in Hospitals. This is a topic on participative management in hospitals.
8. An Examination of the Integrated Clinical Judgment Model of Hospice Care. This topic for you to examine and address the integrated clinical judgment model of hospice care. This model shall provide a detailed examination of the aspects of this clinical model that distinguish it from other models of hospice care, with an emphasis on the aspects of this model that are most highly recommended when utilizing the hospice model.
9. Moral Issues On Whistle-Blowing in the Nursing Profession. The following is a topic for a research paper exploring the moral issues of whistleblowing or telling the truth in the nursing profession. The paper should discuss the implications of not divulging when a mistake has been made or when a patient’s health is at risk.
10. Nursing Shortages and Incentives: Addressing Problems in the Professional Nursing Industry. This paper should provide the parameters for a hypothetical research study designed to address three key factors in the shortage of professional nurses in the medical profession.
11. Protecting Patients: Determining Caregiver Competency. This paper is to find and present an experimental method for determining what constitutes a ‘breakdown’ in care and what its antecedents are. Such a method for determining when the level of health of the patient is being affected by the negative consequences of caregiving overwhelming the caregiver.
12. Medicare and Medicaid. This has to be a paper on the impact of Medicare and Medicaid in the field of nursing.
13. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This topic is your view of nursing intervention in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
14. Nursing and an Ileostomy. This paper is for discussing coping with an ileostomy.
15. Understanding the Burdens of Terminal Illness: Psychosocial and Ethical Effects on Family Caregivers. This paper will deal with the ethical and psychosocial issues associated with the modern nursing systems of today. A focus will be held on terminal illness and the general scope of some of the decision based around it. By addressing the main reasons how a nurse takes in these very important factors, the improvement of health care can be better practiced.
16. The Role of the Nurse. This is a topic that should talk about the role of a nurse amidst the changing health care system and how nurses have been helping to change the system in the past.
17. Is The Use Of Restraints In Patient Care Benefiting The Patient Or The Care Giver/ Medical Personnel? This paper should analyze various articles available on the use of restraints in patient care and examine the validity of the reasons provided for use by critiquing the values presented through the strength and weaknesses of the argument.
18. Primary Health Care, Mental Health and the Imperative of Testing Nursing Theory and Models. This topic is about conceptual models which can influence clinical nursing practice via the guidelines provided.

19. Nurse Practitioner Prescribing Authority. This topic is for providing an overview of the Nurse Practitioner’s authority related to prescribing medications.

20. Professionalization of Nursing. This paper where you should discuss the stumbling blocks that lie in the way of the professionalization of nursing. The paper can also examine how the image of nurses has changed and how this is connected to the social construction of gender images in society.
Describe here a “difficult” patient you have nursed, or been closely involved with. Identify the difficulties in this nurse-patient relationship and try to describe how an understanding of the psychological and/or sociological concepts contained in this could have helped to interact more successfully and therapeutically with this client.

21. Neonatal Skin Care And Circumcision. This is paper where you should discuss Evidence-Based Nursing Practice on Neonatal Skin Care. It should have such parts as Introduction, Literature Review, Research Findings, Recommendations, and Conclusion.

22. Shaken Baby Syndrome: An Analysis. This paper will discuss what Shaken Baby Syndrome is. By understanding the different causes, we can understand the nature of the illness due to the ‘shaking’ of the bay that occurs when he or she is very young. The results of this action taken toward the infant will tell what are some of the ways that the infant would be affected by this sort of treatment.

23. Theories of Depression: Towards an Understanding of the Art of the Person in Nursing. This topic is about depression among people in the healthcare professions. There are complex understandings being generated today about the influence of mind, brain, and body, emerging from interdisciplinary neurobiology, psychoanalysis, social, and health sciences. Interactions of the body and the mind in contexts of the larger social environment are now found to have direct effects on neurobiological functioning. As such, the questions about what causes depression are not so important as complicating the theories about depression. This necessary complication of the theory is essential for understanding the depressed person as a complex person, and for generating kinds of intervention therapies that can ease the symptoms of depression. Because there is no specific cure, as yet, for depression, it is crucial that people in the healthcare professions have greater theoretical resources for understanding the relations between the environment and the person. Nurses, in particular, need to participate more with the work of theorizing, because they mediate the relations between the client, or patient, and the larger medical institution that affects their care. Indeed, all theory needs to attend to the importance of this relation of mediating the person’s relations between care, and the institutions that are historically designed to contain and control the body.

24. Stress and Nursing. This paper examines the impact of stress on nurses and the nursing profession. Initially, stress is defined and its impacts identified. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of stress or burnout in merging nursing shortages.

25. Conflict Management in Nursing. This topic should provide perspectives on the conflict management in nursing and can be illustrated with your own example. Here is an example. A research paper involves a nurse concerned with colleagues practices and contemplating a complaint to the College. The case is outlined with the salient points highlighted. The style of conflict management-non-action-is identified and its destructive effects are noted. Finally, more effective alternatives are identified. The following brief discussion will present a ‘forensic’ analysis of a theoretical scenario of conflict that might arise subsequent to one’s acceptance of a staff nurse’s position in an outpatient clinic. Initially, the case will be briefly outlined with the salient points highlighted. Subsequently, the type or style of conflict management evidenced in the case will be defined. This approach will then be assessed for constructive and destructive effects. In conclusion, alternate manners of dealing with the situation will be identified and evaluated.

26. A Deductive Paper on the Men in Nursing. This paper will discuss the deductive reasoning in the way men play a part in the nursing industry. By showing how the larger principle is part of the men’ nursing industry, which are a part of this type of medical practice in the field’s history, as well as the nursing shortage now being reported. By showing the way that men play a valuable part in the industry, will be clarified using this type of reasoning to evaluate their role in today’s nursing world.

27. Benefits of Massage Therapy for Arthritis Patients. The media are filled with advertisements for spas and health clubs that include massage therapy among their programs. For people who want to relax and be pampered, that is fine. For arthritis sufferers, however, massage therapy performed by registered nurses offers significant relief from painful arthritis symptoms and helps lead to a better quality of life. Uncover this within your paper.

28. Nursing Diabetic Skin. This is a nursing paper topic on diabetic skin care. The Braden scale categorizes factors contributing to patients’ risk of developing pressure ulcers in six areas: activity, mobility, nutrition, sensory perception, moisture, and friction and shear.

29. Informed Consent And The Surgical Patient. This paper should be focused on the importance of obtaining informed consent before a surgical procedure. The patient, whose body is to be operated upon, needs to know about possible risks and complications involved in the procedure along with all the benefits that he can reap from the surgery in order to make an informed decision. Thus, the paper should highlight the common features of an informed consent document and also discusses the role played by registered nurses in this process.

30. Issues Relating To The Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is a topic about Alzheimer’s disease, especially issues related to the treatment of this particular disease. Alzheimer’s disease is not only a chronic, debilitating and progressive disorder, but it is also one that is expected to escalate on account of the aging of the population. When one adds the fact that there currently is no cure for the disease, and that total care is required for people who are in the final stages, then one is left with perhaps one of the most significant health issues in our society. Also, the fact that care giving is such an important aspect of treatment, one is faced with the effects that are experienced by caregivers. This final point makes the topic of profound interest to the author on account of the author’s own involvement in caregiving.

31. Subtle Ethical Issues and Challenges in Nursing Working with Death and Dying. This topic will focus on subtler areas of ethics in a nurse-patient relationship and will also focus on special circumstances that arise when working with death and dying. This paper can be written from personal experiences, conversations, and reading.

32. Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and the Effective Medical Ethics Committee in Nursing Homes. This topic is for you to discuss Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and the Effective Medical Ethics Committee in Nursing Homes. Here, you should analyze various views and make your paper based upon reliable research.

33. Nursing Home Administration Problems. This paper should question what problems nursing homes have, and how these problems proceed from assumptions made about the elderly by both healthcare workers and people in general.