On September 2007 my family and I received news that would forever

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On September 2007, my family and I received news that would forever change our lives. I overheard my mother speaking to my grandmother about a chronic chest pain she was feeling. With no time to worry about her health, she took some pain killers and continued to be the hard worker she is—caring for my sister and I at home and helping my father manage a grocery store. Unfortunately, the pain worsened and my mother was forced to go to the hospital. We learned she was suffering from stage II breast cancer. Never knowing anyone who had been diagnosed with cancer and being only 11 years old, I was unaware of what was coming my way. All I did know was that cancer was terminal and I was afraid of the outcome. Despite the suffering my mother faced from the side effects of her treatment, she remained optimistic about her condition and encouraged us to remain as positive as her. Sometime later, we received great news—my mother had successfully fought her cancer. For the first time, I witnessed the power of positivity. This chapter of my life nurtured a newfound interest in the medical sciences. As a high school student, I was motivated to involve myself in a science research course, and the New Visions Health Program, which gave me the opportunity to shadow a variety of healthcare professionals at different hospital sites. After having graduated from high school, I was confident that I wanted to further my education in the sciences and I chose to be a biology major. On the weekends, I worked as a medical scribe in the emergency room (ER) at Ellenville Regional Hospital which allowed me to be truly immersed in the medical field. In the ER, I had the opportunity to expose myself to a myriad of stimulating medical cases including myocardial infarctions, strokes, complicated bone fractures, cardiac arrests, and drug overdoses. In these repeated patient encounters, I realized that the obligations of a registered nurse (RN) is one of the most vital elements in saving a vulnerable life. RNs are the first to assess a patient logging into the hospital. They administer medications, monitor the patient’s outcome to treatment, and provide doctors/physician assistants/nurse practitioners with timely updates on the patient’s condition. In my opinion, an RN can have the greatest impact on the patients’ overall hospital experience because they often undertake the roles of a friend and/or advisor when providing patient care. Given my peaked interest in the medical field as a child when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, my continued exposure to the high-paced ER environment as a young adult, and the inspiration I received from many coworkers who are RNs, I believe that the profession of nursing is a good fit for me. Overall, I admire the strong effort and compassion nurses provide to their patients. For these reasons above, I would like to pursue a career in nursing so that I can continue to help people in need of care.