One way of destroying the concept of prolife is by diluting its

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One way of destroying the concept of pro-life is by diluting its meaning upfront. Which will open the eyes of pro-lifers to become more passionate and empathetic towards pro-choice. I want to place the need for concern of the living when regarding abortion. Although the nonliving should be considered of course when contemplating an abortion and the mother may suffer more related to health risk. I believe the primary focus should be on the mother. It is her body and her choice even if there is a risk. Women should be allowed to do what they want regarding their body. Also, which is why I am pro-choice vs pro-lifer. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy and is becoming a major issue; it is a topic that is very sensitive and usually everyone has an opinion on. The Abortion opponents or “Pro-lifers” believe that the fetus is a human being now of conception, and abortion therefore is murder. Those against abortion also agree that the government should have control over a women’s body and forbid her to have abortion. On the flip side, “Pro-choicer” argue that the fetus is only a potential child, and not a human until the moment the child can survive on its own. So, the rights of the self-sustaining, living, mother overpower the rights of the dependent fetus. Abortion should be an available option to women throughout the United States. Especially since in some cases it’s an option that separates life and death. With my experience as a nurse sometimes medical issues decrease the chance of a healthy, successful birth or life, and abortion should be available to prevent a disastrous outcome. They pro-lifers and government will not directly help you physically or financially. A lot of abortions are needed to save the life of the pregnant women. However, if that mother chooses to take that risk it should solely be her decision and right as a woman. A perfect example of this situation is an ectopic pregnancy, or a pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus and attaches to the fallopian tubes of a women. This typically can cause death upon the fetus, and to the expecting mother. If abortion was not available under these circumstances, those women would lose their lives simply trying to give birth. Certain medical problems can arise and occur in the fetus, that can unintentionally make a healthy life seem near impossible. Patau syndrome, is another rare and very severe chromosome disorder that leads to mental retardation and physical defects-so severe which can subject many babies die soon after birth. It can be detected during the pregnancy, giving the women an option to end the pregnancy if that is her choice. Which again is why it is only fair to eliminate Pro-lifers. Although I have never experienced the trauma of having a newborn die soon after birth, I can only imagine how unbearable that could possibly be for the expected mother. I can’t help but think of the child, that must suffer hospitalization only to pass away soon because the option to terminate a pregnancy was taken away from the mother. Pro-choicer understand that abortion is the most humane solution to some of diseases and others medical issues a mothers and fetus may face. Living in today’s world teen pregnancy is very common and bring about much concerns of the health for both the fetus and the young teen. Statistics show teen girls ages 15-19 die each year from pregnancy. Teen are considered high risk pregnancy because young mothers have a 60% higher chance of dying while carrying or delivering a baby. Which increases the number of deaths by forcing them to carry and deliver. Just because a women or teen girl chooses to have sex and, in most cases, young girls make mistakes and or are not even educated properly should they have to make a lifelong decision that could possibly affect them or bring a child into the world they cannot take care of. If that is the case then we must think about the poverty, depression and suicide rates that may come about later in their lives. Abortion is a well thought out alterative and should be available to them to make the best decision for themselves. Pro-lifers will subject a child to have a child with out being empathic to the circumstance. Medical issues are a significant substantial argument against getting rid of abortion, being pro-choice creates an understanding of how having a child can negatively impact the mental health of a mother, especially a new mother. Secondly, the mental health and stability of the women should be taken into consideration before giving birth solely because let’s face it some women are just not suitable to be a mother, abortion allows for the expecting mother to decide on what’s best for the fetus. Deterioration of women mental capacity can be contributed by being a victim of rape. If the government takes away a woman choice who has been raped and has undergone a terrible trauma, and force them to carrying around a baby for nine months- that’s she does not want and most likely with refer to as her rapist’s baby- could drastically impact the mental health of the victim. Leading possibly to more common mental health disorders that can result from sexual assault may include depression, substance abuse and PTSD. Which are all disorders that can affect a child’s upbringing. Again, which is why abortions continue to be available for victims of rape. The results from giving birth can also have a very large impact the lives of women in general. These problems can consist of disappointment, low self-esteem, and regret. Some even experience rejection from family. Prochoice believes and understands that a very young mother may have obstacles thrown their way. Experiencing one of the above listed symptoms or conditions can make having health baby stressful. Equally important is not being emotionally prepared for birth of a baby can causes many women to be remorseful, which leads to resentment. A fetus and or child she be given a good life and chance at a fair future. No matter what your morals and beliefs are its not okay to expect someone else to give up there right to accommodate your opinion on their body and fetus. There are not enough families in the world for all the possible children being born, or we wouldn’t have so many in the foster care system. It’s not a guarantee that if you give your child up for adoption that they will have a better life. With just as adoption is an alternative then so should abortion. nage maybe abortion is an option for that mother. Since the numbers are so high, and spots so precious, women should be able to receive an abortion instead of allowing the child to end up on the streets somewhere. If women choose to keep the fetus the government cannot guarantee that child will not be neglected. In conclusion, every child should be a wanted child, and if it’s not, abortion should always remain an option to those who do not wish to be parents. According to a study almost 73 percent of women cannot afford to have a baby now. The cost to initially have a baby is much higher as the child grows extensively. The risk and measure a woman may take for an alternative method should scare pro-lifers more than anything. I am quite certain many poor choices will be made in a time of desperation. On a weight scale negative outcome of making abortion illegal does not outweigh the positive outcomes. Taking that option away will cause women will to resort to basement abortions because they feel it’s their only option. Yes, this would obviously be illegal, so we must think about the unsanitary conditions and improper disposal of fetus everywhere at alarming rates exposing the population to potential disease and infection. Stopping abortions legally puts everyone at risk. As a result of making abortion illegal many women are left angry, frustrated and optionless. There are many supporting fact and arguments on why abortions should continue to be legal. To sum it up medical issues decrease the chances of the survival of a mother or fetus. Secondly, the mental health is another major issue of women and sometimes it validates rather a woman should carry a child that could possibly suffer or inherited some of the same issues. Lastly, we have a right to do everything else we want to our bodies without consulting with anyone. So, we have a right to choose what we do with our bodies in terms of abortions. It should carry on as a legal alternative for women across the world. All in all, the option to keep abortion legal is the right one. For some women it’s the only option they have.