Paragraph 1 intro People tend to disregard the consequences of their actions and

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Paragraph 1 (intro) People tend to disregard the consequences of their actions and William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet is a very accurate depiction of this trait. Many factors play into the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Lies, violence, and secrecy are all factors that cause these deaths, however ignorance towards the fact that as humans all our actions have consequences is the main one. Even if we truly believe we are helping things can always go south and it is just human nature to deny that fact. Unfortunately in this case one of the main characters, the Nuse, windes up ending the lives she so desperately tried the keep alive.Thesis (still apart of paragraph 1) There are three main reasons the Nuse indirectly kills Romeo and Juliet. The first mistake the nurse makes is when she keeps the marriage of Romeo and Juliet a secret, the second is when she goes and gets Romeo after he had been banished due to killing Tybalt, and finally the third is when she doesn’t help Juliet fend off Paris from them marrying even though she knows Juliet can not marry again.Paragraph 2 (1st body paragraph) The first fatal mistake the Nurse makes is marrying Romeo and Juliet in such secrecy that Friar Lawrence and the herself are the only witnesses out of all the townspeople. As the situation starts to spiral out of control instead of alerting the townspeople or even the Prince of the marriage she keeps her mouth shut and doesnt tell a soul for the entire play. Telling the Prince could have potentially been very beneficial for both factions because this could have possibly ended the feud between them. This is just one example of why the nurse was one of the biggest if not the biggest contributor to Romeo and Juliet’s death’s. Paragraph 3 (2nd body paragraph) The Nurse advances the demise of Romeo and Juliet a second time by choosing not to intervene when Paris tries to take Juliet’s hand in marriage even though she knows Juliet is already married. The reason Juliet marrying twice is such a big deal is that it is a sin of the highest order. The Nurse also makes a mistake within a mistake by sending Juliet to Romeo the second he get banished just so they can see each other, instead of waiting until he got out of the town and out of the Princes wrath.Counterclaim (still apart of paragraph 3) Many people and critics would say that a variety of other characters , such as Friar Lawrence, contributed more or just as much as the Nurse however they are incorrect because the nurse had so many opportunities to stop the situation from going haywire than any other character.Paragraph 4 (3rd body paragraph) The third and final reason the Nurse is primarily involved with the death of Romeo and Juliet is when she goes to fetch Romeo after he had been banished by the Prince. Romeo sought refuge in the church where no guard or people could touch him. He was with the Friar and instead of waiting for Romeo to leave and sending Juliet with him, the nurse goes and gets him. This is a terrible idea because she is going against the princes commands, which is law, when the whole thing could have been avoided.Conclusion People commit actions blindly without giving the consequences a second thought. These actions could have a positive or negative outcome but in almost all literature there is most likely a single or very few amount of characters that have a large impression on the plot. Under these circumstances one character in particular had the biggest impact on the play. This character being the nurse, allows and participates in the marring of the couple in secret,bringing Romeo back to Juliet after he had been banished, and sitting idle as Paris tries to marry Juliet. These choices that the Nurse faces unfortunately lead to the untimely demise of romeo and Juliet bringing the reader to the end of the story.