PART A Comparing theoretical PerspectivesBiological perspectiveIn the beginning I think Lee needs

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PART A: Comparing theoretical Perspectives:Biological perspectiveIn the beginning, I think Lee needs to think more practical and think more certainly about her career and think along the pros and cons compared to why she should choose the career of airline pilot because it is an exciting and dangerous career, you will have plenty of new experiences and everyday scenario that would be different while it becomes a memory for Lee to share with others while she grows in the career. The career will stimulate her hormones, especially the hormones in the nervous system and the brain. If her brain and hormones are stimulated and she needs to take the right decisions quickly and on time, automatically her body will respond better and timely to events that require quick response, which in an emergency situation can be hard and of course decisive, just like doctors and nurses have to while saving a patient’s life, the process of being a pilot it’s very rigid , which will make her a less emotional and more rational, while she will turn into a tough person that is prepared for any obstacle of her life. Learning Perspective:Personally, I believe Lee should think about the positivity she’ll get and receive from becoming an airline pilot because this career/position requires courage and bravery, which will make herself and her loved ones feel proud. In addition, she will be rewarded with a very a huge salary. Though this career requires exhausting (painful) training and hands on learning. Also, she will be exposed to studies of different types of ssensory characteristics like sounds and etc. In reality it will be a huge opportunity to learn how to remain calm while she is under pressure, to distinguish different events like whether it is dangerous or safe, to measure the distance between her and other flying or non-flying objects. This career also requires the ability to use leadership skills, and to give clear commands to cabin crew and passengers. Cognitive Perspective:One of the cognitive perspective reasoning why Lee should choose the career of airline pilot is because it is a very interesting career, she will feel satisfied and fulfilled. This career will develop her brain/hormones and her intelligence in order to work in a fast-paced mode, just like in a health care system. Besides the physical tests that are in the program she will have to do many tough tests in order to study her intelligence on how good of an air pilot she can be, knowledge wise how much knowledge she has to officially become an air pilot and ability wise, how much can she handle, and how fast/slow is her reaction time because there will be scenarios that you will have to make quick decisions within a few seconds. Majorly this career requires plenty of learning, on how to use logical and technical concepts. The ability to understand technical information and how their aircraft works that type of knowledge is required to become a responsible and reliable air pilot. Socio-cultural Perspective:Lee should choose the career of airline pilot because it is an honor and respect for a woman to be a pilot, it also becomes a pride towards gender equality so, she will exceed everyone’s expectations, including herself. I believe women should show bravery aand not show weakness and also make them assumptions that we are able to do something. Choosing this career, she can prove that she is courageous, able to make a good career and brave. She will have discipline, self-confidence and commitment towards herself and the career. In this career she will be able to interact with people from different cultures, nationalities and ages, and have the opportunity to use her communication and team-work skills and achieve more experience along with others around her. Psychodynamic Perspective:For Psychodynamic Perspective, Lee should choose the career of airline pilot to avoid conflicts with herself, family and others around for such as not being smart and ffeelings about being coward, weak, lifeless, useless, etc. And hopefully be able to overcome the fears she has (death) and dark thought. People will make assumptions of why is she becoming an air pilot, is she not able to become anything else? Why isn’t she doing anything “women like” careers and so forth. It should create no conflicts in her life and make the old thoughts outgrow because the time is changing. PART B: Critical Thinking (Option B)A. Money buys happiness1. Ask questions; be willing to wonder.Why people think that rich people are happier than poor people? What makes them think thatif they have more money, they will be happier? How come they make so much? Why do they spend so much? Questions like these make humans think that they can buy happiness with money because they think they can have whatever they want, but it is not like that. The human nature is to have what they do not have, they mostly try to achieve it, they want always more aand more than and “new” things than what they already have.2. Define your terms.How do I define happiness? Every person can have different definitions of happiness like new experiences, relationships, money, how much they travel. Happiness comes in different types of ways and forms like for example (not how I am) if I have more money to spend around, I will also spend more, but if I have a tight budget then clearly, I will spend less. I might have a better quality of life but does not mean that I will be happier, or that I will have less problems or less stress in my life with all the money I have.3. Examine evidence.People tend to adapt to what they have. For example, if I buy a TV, I will adapt quicker as I thought would be and in the next few months, I will want something new and different, Iwill think that TV is out dated, then I want to buy a new model because I am not happy with that model, but I personally don’t want to watch tv, so I don’t have one at home, but it all matters to me if that one item works and doesn’t fall apart.4. Analyze assumptions and biases.The reality of being happier doesn’t mean having more money does not correspond to how happy I think I will be. At the beginning I will feel happier than before but in reality, I will not as happier as I thought to be however, after the fact my happiness will be constant and after that I will want ssomething else. So, our expectations do not correspond to the reality however, I am aware that I might be wrong. It all depends on how I feel and react to something that comes forward.5. Avoid emotional reasoning.Even if I wish to be happier and to have more money, or if I feel sorry for all poor people inthe world I cannot make assumptions based on my emotions or feelings, I need to be neutraland put my emotions aside to use critical thinking. Though, I always want to go ahead and donate money or blood but unfortunately, I do not meet the criteria, so I have to gain more to donate blood. Whenever I see homeless people on the road and begging for money, I do tend to ignore them as much as I can, why do I do that? It sure seems rude but in reality if we continue on giving them spare change they will not be able do something for themselves, and become dependent on other people that give out spare change, and most importantly we have a big part in their overdose, because we give them spare change and they go ahead and collect either alcohol or either drugs and ruin their lives. 6. Don’t oversimplify.Just because one person or a group of people think that money can buy happiness, does notmean that is true. Money is not able to buy happiness for anyone. Like does it cause money to make someone else happy around you simple. Or does money define you?7. Consider other interpretations.Maybe the real reason for being happy is not the possession of expensive things or to fillfulfilled, could the other possibilities such as social necessity to show the others that you arepowerful or a signal for others in order to respect you like having specify purses (Coach, Michael Kors, and etc.) Happiness could also be a simple nnecessity like getting a pen because it’s a need not a branded pen (I don’t think pens are branded like purses are), or a simple wish like swab testing or blood donation to help others.8. Tolerate uncertainty.I think happiness is more a state of mind than a reality. There is no wrong or right answer. Iexplained my point of view. However, I am aware that new ideas would come and willing toaccept and give up of my ideas if the other’s ideas are reliable, valid and if they can be explained, proved and replicated they prefer to be together and the scores will be higher whenthey are together higher than when they do not laugh but their levels of obedience will behigher. Absence makes the heart go fonder: Laughter is the best medicine: Spare the rod and Spoil the child:Hypothesis: When we are far away from someone, we love it turns out to be that we love/miss that person more and more than we usually do. For example: Let’s take our moms, when they are out and not close to us, we tend to yearn for them? Why because they give us all the love and affection we deserve. When we go ahead and laugh, we usually add onto living longer and relieve the stress we have on our shoulders. While we are relaxed, we make more wiser decisions to do something that makes us happy and has a better turn out rather than something negative that adds onto our stress levels. I believe Parents should be able to discipline his/her child because if they don’t make mistakes and we don’t tell them what the right thing is to do then they will never learn and continue making small mistakes even like not eating a banana on their own, coming to you again and again to peel something? A child should be punished within that right moment so the child will know what is right and obedient for him/her to do.Three Predictions: -When you don’t see someone for so long at least more than three days -What we cannot have in front of us-Makes us more vulnerable -Put negative thoughts away-thoughts that make us feel better about ourselves-Release stress and feel relaxed – Means teaching and more discipline-Right moment (child does not do anything again)-Punishment avoids wrong actions -Respect Operational Definition: -Absence and Love -Laugh and being happy-Stress less -Punishment-ObediencePART C: Applying Science to Psychology:PART D: Creating an Experiment: FLOW CHART:5 GUMPART D (Results/Conclusion)My hypothesis for this experiment is studying the size of bubble for both of the brands of Gum (5 and Stride), the flavour of the peppermint. I used different brands but used the same flavour (Peppermint) but used the same flavour so it has some similarities. My independent variables are the use of 2 different brand of gum, while my dependant variable is the bubble. The controlled variable would be the person chewing the stride gum while on the other hand, the experimental group would be the “5 gum”. I have given detailed instructions to chew their peppermint flavour gum for approximately 60 seconds and then blow into the gum to achieve a bubble, and my participants would stop till I would verify the size. I did the experiment at the same time. The way I measured the size by using the point systems we would use to score a game or a test. (1 point for no bubble/ or at least a tiny bit of a bubble shown, 2 for a bubble that is medium sized and 3 if the bubble is bigger than the bubble that is given points for 2). However, the 5-gum strived to win with 7 points while the Stride gum only achieved 6 points. The points are telling me either the 5 gum was more elastic shaped, or the participant knew how to blow into the bubble slowly and gradually.PART D (Discussion Questions)1) The possible experiment effects and results are the way I treated the participants could havebeen different maybe a bit less completive or at least they knew somehow my intentions and expectations.2) The way I could eliminate the effect was by not telling the participants myintentions of how this is an experiment, and how the instructions creating a situation where competition entered and how they both wanted to do better than each other and maybe having another person giving instructions to the participants without telling, or could have done the experiment without letting anyone know it’s an experiment.3) I cannot generalize because in my experiment I used only two participants. The resultsmay have been different if I use more participants, if I chose participants of different ages,genders, etc. or if the scorer is a different person. But I do want to go ahead and do this experiment with more than 2 people and get better results for this assignment.4) My hypothesis was supposed and based on a simple method of measurement. Theresults of experimental condition or control condition were both important because theparticipants were assigned randomly, not given preference on what gum they prefer, it was given. 5) My research design could be improved if I have used other ways of scoring orMeasurement or used more people, involved another hand to help me out in the experiment.