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Patel Institute Of Nursing & Allied Health SciencePoor Health FacilitiesAdil Badshah (Pcon-013)BScn Semester VISubmitted ToMiss Zehra Saleem09, October, 2019Poor Health FacilitiesIntroductionAccording to Maslow’s hierarchy health is our first need which should be provided to each individual. But in this developing world if one side the world is growing and inventing new inventions but somewhere our health is been neglect is due to poor health facilities especially in our country Pakistan.Health sector in Asian nation has been troubled for several years. Health delivery system is surpass each state and non-state authorities. Individuals living in urban areas have a straightforward access to best aid facilities whereas, in rural areas, accessibility to correct medical services is tough. Individuals either live remote from the clinics/hospitals or they don’t have any such institutes in their areas. Health facilities for rural poor in our country within the gift state are in total disarray. The essential Health Units and Rural dispensaries, discovered by the provincial and district governments in some villages, principally haven’t any doctors and therefore the patients are left to the mercy of dispenses or quacks. The young doctors don’t need to figure in these locations due to lack of correct residential and different infrastructure. Buildings of the many of those facilities are in an exceedingly unsound state. These state run establishments don’t even have minimum medical instrumentation like X -ray machines or different equipment prescribed in their own policies. They are doing not have car facilities to require patients requiring emergency treatment to a hospital. Non-availability of medical recommendation and medicines to the poor from these establishments has diode to rise in mortality rates likewise as increase in incidence of diseases. Further to the current is that the lack of correct sewerage and sanitation additionally to inability of native governments to supply clean beverage in little and even district cities. This has caused increase in water borne diseases. It’s obvious that the current system of presidency managed medical system in our rural areas cannot deliver.BodyPakistan wasn’t a healthy state to start with. Its illness began even before its birth. It transmissible a bequest of illness and suffering, a burden of high mortality and morbidity not to mention a poorly developed infrastructure to deal with the health desires of the growing population. A year before Asian nation emerged as a recently freelance state lapidarian out of British Asian nation, a unprecedented document represented the poor state of health in this, country. “Environmental sanitation within the country is at an occasional level in most elements. deficiency disease associate degreed under-nutrition cut back the facility of resistance of an considerable section of the population and therefore the existence of health services are altogether inadequate to fulfill the requirements of the individuals whereas lack of general education add materially to the issue of overcoming the indifference and apathy with that the people tolerate the insanitary conditions around them and the great deal of illness that prevails””.Fifty years once independence