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PERSONAL LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHYCOURSE NLM 100 KFFSUBMITTED TO: NESHMA DHANANISUBMITTED BY: BHUPINDER DHALIWALSTUDENT ID: 132078197Attitude being held by leader are delightful action, achieving goals, as well beating the competition, other than it relates representative of the company management. Sympathetic of evert customs and belief to build an save working environment for workers (Twin, 2019). Synopsis, Leader could be having broad spectrum toward each aspect rather it may concern with company or non profit organization. Always make his mind clear about employees respect as well as good outcome without any disrespectful deeds. Furthermore, what is leader I think one has power to encourage or inspire others and being prepared to do effectively. Leadership likely based upon ideas whether ideas created or borrowed and discussed with other team members listen to them evaluate outcome and then execute the idea. Leader is the inspiration that responsible for the actions. He/she connector of the combination of the personality and communications skills that will inspire the others to follow her or his actions a common goal. Not only this, leader has a powerful thinking beyond the management. In other words, may effectively use work from disposal. For example: Steve jobs is an excellent example of wonderful personality started his own company in garage. Even got fired during intensive period, eventually he had get hired again just because of his quality’s combination of personality, motivation, positivity, creativity, feedback and good leadership skills. Another example is google start from garage, now has become one of the leading company in the world. I believe that for me to be a good leader, I should have habit of responsibility, humanity, wide thinking in terms of diversity, being a servant to leader attitude as well as good communication. Accomplish goals with the help of workforce helping them listen them even agreed with their ideas and creativity will help to flourish achievement while helping others without selflessness. A person cannot become a leader without others. Peace not pieces, greater power comes with unity, that will make a leader. Leadership comes with an capability of obtain the familiar environment so that everybody within the team feel confident enough straight to become difficulty solver (Smith). I am a good listener and respectful with everyone. Always be like this. Nurse leader plays a vital role within various qualities such as good communication, respect, inspire, educate and good leadership skill. Saves and cure lives without discrimination, providing good health care to the patient, family members and to the community. As I am a nurse, I have played many roles to attain my knowledge with the respect of serving the ill or humanity. Having confidence and seeking potential in others also makes everyone to come together makes me a good nurse leader. I have had played many roles in internship for instance, emergency department, surgical, dispensary and operation theater. As I recoil that when I was first appointed in OT, I have learned good collaboration, effective communication skills, efficiency and leadership skill. keen listening skill evidence that how to make effective procedure without wasting time because during surgery every second counts and saving time means saving lives effectively. My superior guide me to be a self-aware person and do work quickly which means feels what is other going through, put my self in patients’ shoe in order to see what they feel. For example: The patient is having bone surgery doctor told me to pass sterilise tools according to priority needs in order to save time and without confusion that was an experience of a life time which guide about self awareness to choose good preplanned way. Additional, watching other staff nurse what are they doing how they are doing teaches me a lot about good nursing practice theories and execute them in order to risk free and caring manner. This action embeds in nursing leadership to help others to gain knowledge through practice-based learning from professional practitioners. I have found that world is rapidly changing so as healthcare system obtaining new technology within medicine and methods of care. Question is does nurses can get new knowledge about leadership style which helps every requirement of care. It could be improving by training as well as effective role played by senior’s staff nurse to educate new nurses delivering the safe and optimal care (Cope, Murray). Professional authorities such as CNA, RNAO, RPNAO and CNO have major impact on my personal philosophy of leadership. CNA stats that nurse must make safe and sound environment with creative way of planning to provide high quality of care whether to senior or minor. Having quality of recycling method of theory regarding resourceful and handling critical settings in nursing practical manner (CNA,2008). Leaders must take responsibility before hand medical procedures and new method of medicine in advance critical care environment. RNAO defined that, leaders may have such qualities such as problem detection mind set, analysis and implement best knowledge by ground level resource. Knows about in depth of resource values. Identify problems towards knowledge. Maneuvering actions may require to best nursing care plans and execute methods. Watching previous actions reassessing actions. At last obtain safe and sound knowledge (RNAO,2012). I believe that, this learning impact my knowledge of nursing leadership style for example: I was doing my clinical duty in dispensary and applied same theory to eradicate error while reading prescription. Sometimes it was hard to read name of the drug, so best thing is to ask to superior staff to avoid error which reminds me establish trust. According to RPNAO, nurse leaders must have model values are over view the experience nurses have facing and imagination that leader must be implemented in the future with the help of inspire others and providing enough confidence within staff nurses. Physical and mentally encourage toward work effectiveness (Gladys, Peachey,2002). Giving evaluation to work place relationship. CNO stats exemplify that giving effecting ways for nurses to increase practice. Leadership is one the standard. Practice includes advance critical ill problem evaluation, concerning and prejudgement. Collecting evidence-based knowledge through previous experience to become a professional care giver. Professional must keep professional standard with the help of up date knowledge and passive practice. Professional knowledge and skills solutions to the conflicts.REFERENCES CNA, 2008: Role of CNA in nursing style leadershipRetrieved from:, MURRAY: what is nursing leadership style.Retrieved from:, PEACHEY, 2002: RPNAO role in nursing leadership:Retrieved from:, 2012: RNAO role in nursing leadership.Retrieved from:, (2019): what is leadership Retrieved from: