Personal Leadership Phisolophy

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Leadership is a art of motivation people to achieve a common goal (Ward, 2019).

A good leadership involves involvement of all members towards a particular goal, a good leader have following main qualities to lead a team

1. A common vision,

2. Motivating quality,

3. Supportive nature,

4. Show Empathy towards team members,

5. Creative,

6. Thoughtful,

7. Risk taking,

8. Team builder.

Leadership impacts individuals to alter their direction. Leadership reveals the way for other individuals, by showing them a better way or by examples (McCrimmon). For me leadership means to help other, as in my life I saw many leaders and there work done towards there team members to accomplish their goal. According to me it’s a good thing. All leaders have their own set of rules, values and ways by which they achieve their one destination. Everyone have their own values, beliefs, strategies by which they influence the people. For me to become a leader I must have my own set of rules, responsibilities, values, love for family or others, proper communication with all these things are going to make me a great leader and will help me in accomplishing my goal. Being a leader I have many responsibilities not only towards my work but also towards my team members. I

t s my duty that how I lead my team to do one task, for example: If a have to big or small project to do it is my responsibility that how I handle that project. Its not all that my team members have to do even I will also participate to complete that project. In this way I can show my seriousness towards my works, my team as well as my leadership. Leadership have nothing to do with Titles or personal attributes it is a capacity to translate vision and leaders empower other individuals (Kruse, 2013).Nursing leadership is very important in clinical settings. Nurse leader plays a very important role. A nurse is only responsible for the health and well being of a individual patient. To achieve a shared goals nurses work together as a team in one single unit. To achieve the unity between nurse team members nurse manager utilises a specific leadership style to coordinate and supervise her team (Sheehan, 2017). To be a nurse leader one must have collaboration, negotiation, good communication, good coordination and self confidence.

As a nurse I worked in many departments like female ward, private ward and neonatal intensive care unit. I remember one situation when I was in neonatal intensive care unit that situation taught me a lesson of good communication, leadership practice and discipline. In neonatal intensive care unit one child patient is given to one single nurse, similarly I was also given one patient. When I was taking care of the my patient mother of that patient show her concern about her child’s treatment she said my child did not receive proper treatment when I had already provided the treatment. At that time I was filled with mixed emotions. I was irritated from the mother behaviour and her way of talk made me aggressive. But showing my anger and irritation at that time might had made the situation worse. By remembering the leadership styles I handled that situation very calmly and explained the mother about the treatment and recovery of the patient. A nurse leader have different quantities like courage, ability to handle stress and self awareness.

These quantities help the nurse in nursing practice to handle any situation ( Roskoski, 2017). Professional associations such as CNA, RNAO, RPNAO, CNO played a very significant role in nursing leadership philosophy. According to CNA ( Certified nursing assistant) the nurse care for the patient health and also care the patient who actually needs help to recover from his illness or any recovery from any surgery or disease. The registered professional nurse assign duties to the CNA. Some activities which CNA perform under the supervision of a registered nurse are activities of daily living, bed side care and basic nursing procedures. RNAO states that effective nursing leadership is important to all nurses in nursing practice to perform both formal and informal leadership roles from patient care to variety of practices.

A nurse can use leadership behaviour individually or collectively to benefit patients, health care team, organisation, research or education (RNAO, 2013). RNAO build confidence, knowledge and capacity in nursing professionals (RNAO, 2015). According to RPNAO the nursing leadership theories and the nurses role is examined in the health care system. In RPNAO a nurse monitor and report the health of the patient, provide guidance to the patient and determine the optimal care which a patient requires (RPNAO, 2010). To promote the safe patient care the nurse should determine the performance in particular procedure. RPNAO nurse provides the safe environment settings to the patient and also give medication to the patient as prescribed by physician.

CNO identify goals that reflect values of professional nurse practitioner. It provide feedback as well as support to the nursing staff about issues of nursing practice. To achieve various leadership role CNO create opportunity for all nurses. Nursing staff is also involve in decision making which affect the nursing practice. It provides professional and educational advice to committee and the team of nursing staff not only this it promote nursing through research that improves the nursing practice (CNO, 2007).