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 PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF NURSINGSubmitted by(Name)CourseInstitutionProfessorDateINTRODUCTIONThe paper is based on the personal philosophy in nursing. The paper addresses how I interact with patients, family members, other nurses, and other health care professionals. Nursing is a profession that is guided by philosophical values and principles. Nursing is not only for providing treatment but also for providing quality care to individuals hence being client-centered. My philosophy in nursing is to address the needs of the patient by exercising my knowledge I best practice including addressing the general needs of the family, psychological, cognitive, emotional and social care. I also mind the relationship with other healthcare professionals to ensure that we promote the best quality health care to the patient. Taking care of the patients is my priority as a nurse. I take my role seriously by copping with the patient’s situation to ensure that the illness does not adverse in the patient. giving the patient the best services requires the best knowledge of nursing. I use my knowledge to make complex decisions that are the best benefits to the patients (Schmidt, 2018). Caring of the patient is a critical process that requires scientific research to get the best treatment is administered. in some cases, I collaborate with other professionals to ensure that the patient is taken care of in the most efficient manner. My philosophy includes the importance of patients, family members, healthcare professionals, and nurses.CHOICE OF NURSINGI have always had a passion for pursuing nursing since my tender age. I always action of caring for my siblings as I grew up, the passion advanced to the need of helping people. I was inspired by my aunt who is a nurse; I became persistent with questions concerning the course in which I started gaining knowledge while at high school. I worked hand to ensure that I have attained a grade to ensure I pursue a nursing course. Nursing is one of the best courses that one can work while giving back to society.I choose nursing as my career to fulfill my dream of becoming a nursing professional. I have experienced how my aunt has helped my family by guiding them on how to stay healthy and maintaining high health standards. Due to these teachings, we have managed to keep our family healthy with fewer cases of infections. I want to become a nurse and help other families on how to stay healthy. Becoming a nurse is one of the best areas to ensure that I will care and attend to patients. By guiding them on ways they can adapt to stay healthy, I will be giving back to society as well as attaining my goals of creating a healthy nation. ESSENCE OF NURSINGI believe the core of nursing is caring, this is what should the main purpose of nursing. Nursing has other cores such as human dignity which is important since it helps people to understand the importance of life. Integrity should be a basic core for nursing to ensure that people know their wellbeing (Blasdell, 2017). Social justice should act as a core basis of nursing that is a nurse should be able to treat every individual in the same manner. Empathy should also act as a core value in nursing, people should learn ways that they can show the true value of empathy and compassion to other people.Nursing is a profession that is influenced by various factors. The career has rich values based on the work of Florence Nightingale. The profession has not fallen due to the individuals who have committed themselves to ensure that the values are kept (Hassmiller, 2017). Ethical standards of nursing are high since they require one to respect people and understand the importance of life. Throughout the existence of human life, various diseases have come up affecting the human race. Through the foundation of nursing in the 18th century, the human race has seen a difference while coping with health issues. Nursing is supported politically which continues to give the cause a better background of improving.BELIEFS AND VALUESI believe that relating with patient I an honest, emotional and principled manner improved the process of receiving treatment. I relate with a patient concerning their culture and beliefs thus keep their principles right by showing respect. Social relations among the patient are the best since they help in understanding the patient in the most appropriate manner. Most of the patients become collaborative once I engage with them socially; this shows that treatment does not mean just giving services but also relating with the patient through right ethically standards and emotionally (Drahošová, 2016). Showing the patients that you care present the best engagement, I sympathize with the patient by showing them that I truly understand their conditions. In this way, they feel supported and cared for which is part of my principles to make the patient feel supported.I connect with patient’s families by ensuring that I create a very honest social caring relationship since I believe that this is the best way to preventing panicking. Families can cause panic and pressure towards a nurse due to the situation of their members. To cope with such situations, I ensure that the family is aware of the member, the probability that is visible concerning the patient as well as proven scientific research. Presenting fair and the honest result helps the family to understand the condition of the fellow member. With such understanding, I can avoid pressure and unnecessary disturbance that can destruct the patient. Nurses have the best experience of describing the patient’s condition, how they slept, the pain level and what to expect following the patient’s condition. This information is very essential especially when dealing with a patient that has critical situations. I believe that through collaboration with my fellow health professionals and nurses, we can deliver the best treatment to the patient. I believe in my fellow nurses since I know sharing of ideas is how we get to improve the situation of the patient.  I maintain my values by understanding that some of the nurses have more experience than I have and through their help and collaboration, I can learn more.As a nurse, I prioritize my health while am at work, I believe by first being healthy is the most efficient way to deliver affordable healthcare to patients. I handle various patients with various needs and infections; therefore, I ensure that I take the necessary precautions to ensure I do not contaminate any of the diseases. I believe I should maintain healthy standards thus while guiding the patients I will have confidence that the measures will work.VISION FOR THE FUTUREMy career in nursing is a journey that is determined to undertake for the rest of my working period. In the next 2 years, I want to ensure that I have gained the necessary experience in the field thus responding to the patients effectively. Therefore, my focus is on becoming more skillful in my area of work.In the next five years, I want to be a senior nurse who can attend to most critical emergencies in the hospitals. I want my career to have grown in a manner that can undertake critical situations while advising other nurses. This is a process that I am determined to undertake by taking my career to another level.Ten years at work, having gained enough experience in the physical ground, I want to be a professional in nursing. By the time, I want to have accomplished my advanced education in nursing to become an advanced practice registered nurse. This is one of the highest levels of nurses below the doctor of nursing. By archiving such levels, I will have attained my goals in nursing.SUMMARYSome of the strength that I have to help me archive my goals includes education background; I have invested much in my education in nursing by ensuring that is equipped with the best knowledge. My experience in nursing will also play a major role ensuring that I can manage every level. Through acquired skills, it will be easy to relate to various levels while adapting to other areas.Challenges are part of a journey to success, overcoming them will result in the best goals attainment. Some of the challenges include balancing of the nursing roles and education. Nursing a career that requires commitment, thus having time for studies and roles in the hospital will require a plan that will be hand to maintain. I will also need to overcome pressure from both sides of work and studies. REFERENCESBlasdell, N. D. (2017). The meaning of caring in nursing practice. Int J Nurs Clin Pract, 4(238), 2.Drahošová, L., & Jarošová, D. (2016). Concept caring in nursing. Central European Journal of Nursing and Midwifery, 7(2), 453-460.Hassmiller, S. B. (2017). The Essence of Nursing Care. AJN The American Journal of Nursing, 117(5), 7.Schmidt, B. J., & McArthur, E. C. (2018, January). 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