Personal statement for uni

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Personal statement for uniBriana MensahThey attended to her needs so she was as comfortable as possible. I had the responsibility of looking after her when she was brought back home from the hospital. From this point on I knew that a career in the health care profession was for me. In my opinion it is important to have good communication skills, be caring, empathetic and open-minded and always be aiming to improve are the good quality of a nurse and I can proudly say I possess all these qualities. having completed an 100 hours work experience placement as part of the course, have worked with people with physical, mental and learning disabilities in a variety of different settings and saw the positive effect nurses had on the service users. My first work experience took place at Priory nursing home which I mostly relied upon my instincts and intuition in communicating with the service users and the staffs, thus helped in increasing my interpersonal communication skills. I learned during my secondary school in Ghana, that if you approach things with hard work and determination, then nothing is impossible. I know how to balance my academic workload with placements and to set deadlines for myself to complete my work on time and effectively. Nursing is a very challenging and demanding career, however I feel the rewards would be great and that I am ready to embark on this career. The ethos of Adult Nursing is patient centred and acknowledges the differing needs, values and beliefs of people from ethnically diverse communities. The research I have done on nursing have also helped me to understand what the roles are to become an adult nursing. I know that as an adult nurse, I’ll need to gain the trust and confidence of each patient, write patient care plans, implement plans through tasks such as preparing patients for operations, wound treatment and monitoring pulse, blood pressure and temperature. I had the opportunity to check the pulse and body temperature of a patient in Princess Royal Hospital when I did my work experience with some of the university students who were also on placement. I really enjoyed it and had the feeling of how it feels like to be a nurse. I have worked in a care home where have learnt basic caring skills and some new skills that I would use as a nurse. The biggest area I have improved on is my communication skills as have learnt to adopt my way of communication to adjust the needs of different residents and learnt to put my own opinion and belief aside and focus on the belief and needs of the residents.My college course health and social care has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge from each of the units we have studied. Units like anatomy and physiology which include the Reproduction System, Skeletal System, Heart and Lymphatic system has given me the knowledge on how one’s individual body system performs together to operate properly. I believe Nurses need anatomy and physiology to comprehend on how to take good care of their patients. Effective communication in a health care setting is one of the most important tools needed to provide great care and improve patient’s satisfaction. The skills I have developed during this course will help me when assessing, monitoring, and reporting the condition of ability to work well in a team has been demonstrated in several project such as Currently I am part-time in a production department at Epson which I enjoy a lot, I have gained many skills within my job that I believe would help me through the career, I have improved my teamwork skills.