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Personal Statement By Understanding the breakdown of Family Law at a young age through personal experiences, I discovered the fundamental importance of Law and how it plays an imperative part in shaping our society. It ensures that a base of security and safety is achieved for all of the population. Studying Law has always inspired me as every aspect, socially and politically links back to Law. Injustice that occurs in the world, immediately, always refers back to the law. Cases such as Sammy Woodhouse and ‘Alison’ portray the injustice served. They both came under the law after two server rape cases. This enlightens the social and political clash in Law. Sammy’s case allowed her rapist to be her son’s life. She was groomed by Ashid Hussain, aged 43, from the age of 14. Sammy was told that she would be held in contempt and arrest if she did not take her child to the contact centre.’ Sammy felt ‘terrified that she would go to jail if she broke the rules that were being forced on her’ she said having to see her attacker and let him into her child’s like added to her ‘trauma and her abuse’She added; the system re-traumatises victims like me. It allows for further emotional abuse. My studies of English Literature has ameliorated my ability to close read and analyse any given text, it opens my eye for detail and adjusts my critical perspective, which within law accelerates my understanding from all aspects and comprehend situations from a wider view, which also interacts with my studies of psychology, allowing me to recognise human behaviour and motives that people may be set out to acquire and the reasoning behind the actions they take. Psychology broadens my skills, as such, allowing me to maintain control through experiment, my statistical skills and the use of technical language that will all aid my studies in law, they depict the true fundaments needed. History has taught me to compare and contrast sources, it has given me the application to weigh up the quality and situation of relevant treatment. My written work, in English and psychology gives me the eye for building arguments and debating skills. I have learnt the art of referencing and research within writing. Peer mentoring in English has also propelled me to help younger years exceed in their studies. All these skills and subjects connects me to the foundations of law, allowing me to transfer my skills to any working environment. Outside of curriculum, in 2014 I was selected to participate in the 23rd World Scout Jamboree to Japan in 2015, it enhanced me as a young adult. At the age of 14 I was given the task of fundraising £3500, which propelled my independence and self-management. By learning how to communicate with 40,000 other people from all over the world I was able to adapt to language barriers by using different forms of communication. I regularly volunteer at scouts for younger people, this has allowed me to organise social events for families in scouts, conveying my man management. My volunteering attributes allow me to observe and manage behaviour. Helping alongside the leader with a child who needs extra support has openly exposed me to differentiation and the understanding to adapt to different scenarios. The need for health and safety and safeguarding in scouting has propelled my understanding of children’s safety and how important it is. This understanding helped me to deduce my attitude in my work experience, by working in a private nursery for a week and two other infant schools for 6 weeks. I learnt that every child is different and requires different needs and it’s up to the carer to provide those resources and support. This leads to my interest to study law, every person is different and obtains different goals and needs. Law is an imperative structure of society which needs to be addressed to every individual. My charitable events such as raising funds for Macmillan and the Little Princess trust alongside with voluntarywork with younger children through scouts, allows me to bring my enthusiastic characteristics to any setting. I recently helped raise £1200 for the Rotary club in Chorleywood to help local charities support the community. Being an active person I compete in many Hiking and sailing competitions, such as Peak Assault, in which last year being a group leader of an all-girl winning team was very incomprehensible and unheard of, the paramount of Women and their place in society has vastly improved over the years and such events like peak assault allows Young women to explore their potential in society.