Personally I wasn’t really in the mood to talk to Anthony but

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Personally, I wasn’t really in the mood to talk to Anthony, but I figured I’d do so because he sat right next to me on the train. Boy, I didn’t know what to say, so I just started rambling on about the upcoming football game. Saint Anthony’s High School was going to have to face Ward Meville’s very best quarterback, number 66, Giuseppe Bonello. He could really throw the hell out of the ball, that is for sure.I tossed the ball to Anthony, just the same way that I used to do with Sean when I was a little kid. When he tossed it back, I froze and all of a sudden, memories of Sean just came flooding back, completely overwhelming me, driving me into this unexpected anxiety attack and then out of nowhere, a ball knocked me out. It wasn’t a hard throw, but I just couldn’t get up. Then many god damn voices I heard as a kid came rushing back…“Mark, are ya ready to catch the ball? Are ya? I’m gonna throw it hard!” “Mark, I’m so sorry, but Sean is dead” “We’re brothers forever, don’t ya ever forget that!” Somebody shook me, but I felt paralyzed. I couldn’t move a single part of my body. I saw so many goddamn lights piercing through my eyelids, It was as if it was right out of a dream. I’ve never once felt so out of control of my own body. Some nurses told me I was knocked off my ass. Finally, when I woke up the nurse told me that she’ll take my blood to check, but I screamed. “You’re not gonna take away Sean, you’re not!” I must have been more paranoid than I thought I was. I was at that goddamn hospital for nearly a whole entire month. I couldn’t bear the smell of this horrific place. The hospital I mean. The number of phony nurses and doctors that came into my room for lousy check-ups, made me feel the same sickening feeling that I felt when I initially knocked out. The only person that came to visit me, and actually made me feel better was my little sister, Sarah. She was the only person in the whole world who understands me, the way that Sean did. She even said