Personally there is no other profession that is more satisfying and fulfilling

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Personally, there is no other profession that is more satisfying and fulfilling than midwifery. My desire to become a midwife first began when my sister in law became pregnant. I supported her during her pregnancy and found it to be a very enjoyable experience, which ultimately helped me to decided that midwifery was a role that I feel I was made for since I enjoy helping others. During her pregnancy I started to research more in depth about the process of child birth and everything from pregnancy to labour which interested me. I feel like I have built up an insight of the role and responsibilities of a midwife such as the delivery of babies with research. In the future I wish to have the delight of being able to support women during their antenatal and postnatal periods, by providing them with information and advice on pregnancy and child birth. My desire for a career in midwifery is reflected through my A-level choices since I feel that all the subjects that I have chosen to study are relevant and have helped me to develop the skills I will need as a midwife. I am currently studying sociology because I have always been interested in society’s impact on our actions, equipping me a better understanding of people and their cultures, backgrounds and families. I can apply this knowledge when interacting with people to help me understand them more. Furthermore, I have also chosen to study BTEC health and social care which has given me real insight into the appropriate ways to communicate and care for the pregnant woman by empowering and supporting them throughout pregnancy. In addition, health and social care has also taught me the importance of safeguarding which is vital when working around pregnant women and babies in order to ensures their health and wellbeing. Finally, from studying BTEC applied science I have gained further knowledge of the biology and human body. Learning about how the body functions and the structure of sperm and egg cells, which I found to be interesting as it is linked to reproduction. Additionally, learning about a variety of scientific practical skills such as accurately measuring a solution has given me the awareness of the importance of being able to calculate and prescribe the correct amount of medication to patients.I have enjoyed work experience in a day nursery which has taught me some skills required that I will need as a midwife such as patience, team-working, self-management and time keeping. With that being said, the area which I feel have improved on the most is my communication skills and confidence as I have gained an understanding on how to adjust the way I communicate with others depending on their age and to suit their needs. Moreover, working in a team has taught me the appropriate way to speak with colleagues to the most effective results. I have also attended a taster course for midwifery at King’s College London where the students and staff shared their experiences about the course and answered questions any question I had, which helped to give me a better idea of what it is actually like studying midwifery at university. I believe that I am a fit for this course and career because I am a very reliable person. I was picked to be an ambassador for my school which meant I have roles such as representing my school at opening evenings. Additionally, I’m fluent in Twi which allows me to communicate advice and information to Ghanaian woman who struggled with speaking English. In conclusion, I consider myself to be a hardworking student and I feel that a degree in midwifery will be a great option for a successful future career.