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GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITYChandkheda, AhmedabadAffiliatedA D PATEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYReport OnBRAIN TUMOR DETECTIONUnder Subject ofProject-1(UDP)B.E. IV, Semester -VIIComputer engineeringSubmitted byGroup Id: 70598Sr. no. Name of student Enrollment no.1 Bhavsar Riddhi M. 1600101070052 Patel Krishna M. 1600101070363 Popat Sweta A. 160010107043Prof. Priyanka PuvarFaculty guideProf. Sudhir VegadHead of the departmentAcademic year2019-2020IndexSr. No. Subject Page No.1 Introduction 52 Canvases 63 Prior Art Search 224 Pre-Design 285 Summary 326 Reference 337 Appendix GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITYACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my guide Prof. Priyanka Puvar, to the head of department Prof. Sudhir Vegad as well as our principal Dr. V. K. Singh who gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic Brain Tumor Detection, which also helped me in doing lot of research and I came to know about so many new things I am really very thankful to them. Secondly I would also like to thank my parents and my friends who helped me a lot in finalizing this project within the limited time frame.CertificateThis is to certify that a Final Year Project Report entitled “Brain Tumor Detection” submitted by Bhavsar Riddhi M.(160010107005), Patel Krishna M.(160010107036) and Popat Sweta A.(160010107043) towards the partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering of ADIT the work carried out by them under my guidance and supervision. The work submitted, in my opinion, has reached to a level required for being accepted for the examination.Date of the submission:Prof. Priyanka Puvar Prof. SudhirVegadFaculty Guide Head of Dept.(CE Dept.)Undertaking the Originality of WorkWe hereby certify that we are the sole authors of this UDP project report and that neither any part of this UDP project report nor the whole of the UDP Project report has been submitted for a degree by other student(s) to any other University or Institution.We certify that, to the best of our knowledge, the current UDP Project report does not infringe upon anyone’s copyright nor violate any proprietary rights and that any ideas, techniques, quotations or any other material from the work of other people included in our UDP Project report, published or otherwise, are fully acknowledged in accordance with the standard referencing practices. Furthermore, to the extent that we have included copyrighted material that surpasses the boundary of fair dealing within the meaning of the Indian Copyright (Amendment) Act 2016, we certify that we have obtained a written permission from the copyright owner(s) to include such material(s) in the current UDP Project report and have included copies of such copyright clearances to our appendix.We have checked the write up of the present UDP Project report using anti-plagiarism database and it is in the allowable limit. In case of any complaints pertaining to plagiarism, we certify that we shall be solely responsible for the same and we understand that as per norms.Team: 70598Enrollment Number Name Signature160010107005 Riddhi Bhavsar 160010107036 Krishna Patel 160010107043 Sweta Popat Place: Vallabh VidyanagarDate:Name of GuideSignature of GuideProf. Priyanka Puvar1. Introduction1.1 Problem Summary and IntroductionTumor is defined as the abnormal growth of the tissues. Brain tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue in which cells grow and multiply uncontrollably, seemingly unchecked by the mechanisms that control normal cells. Brain tumors can be primary or metastatic, and either malignant or benign. A metastatic brain tumor is a cancer that has spread from elsewhere in the body to the brain.Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes signal abnormally. Neurons normally generate electrochemical impulses that act on other neurons, glands, and muscles to produce human thoughts, feelings, and actions. In epilepsy, the normal pattern of neuronal activity becomes disturbed, causing strange sensations, emotions, and behaviour or sometimes convulsions, muscle spasms, and loss of consciousness.Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced medical imaging technique used to produce high quality images of the parts contained in the human body MRI imaging is often used when treating brain tumours, ankle, and foot. From these high-resolution images, we can derive detailed anatomical information to examine human brain development and discover abnormalities.2. Design2.1 Empathy Canvas:Our domain is Online bus pass renewal and ticket booking, as we know there are many cases of brain tumor in the world, and also the current technology used in detecting brain tumor is not upto mark as compared to new arising technologies. So here our primary focus is on patients, doctors, lab technicians and nurse.Fig. 2.1: Empathy Canvas2.2 AEIOU Canvas:In this canvas, activities, environment in which the application works, interactions between users and application, objects and users are defines.Fig. 2.2: AEIOU Canvas2.3 Ideation Canvas:Ideation canvas helped to identify new users other than the users in empathy canvas example, entrepreneurs. Also the situations or problems the users or developer may face we were identified. We also listed out the possible solutions to it. We explored various approaches to innovative thinking and techniques for idea generation from arrange of sources. Fig. 2.3: Ideation Canvas2.4 Product Development Canvas:In this canvas, we could define the purpose of our application, how the application will be beneficial to the users, how the application will function, its features, the components used and certain features that should be resigned and retained. We developed the idea of failure-when designed to occur early and cheaply-can be a rich source of learning that often reveals new options and nearly always leads to be better final outcome. Fig. 2.4: Product Development Canvas3. Implementation3.1 Research Paper Summary:Online Buspass Generation System using Web Application S.Famitha, G.Priyanka, M.Vasanthi, B.E Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering Prathyusha Engineering College, Tamilnadu, IndiaOnline Bus pass generation is useful for students who are facing problems with the current manual work of bus pass registration and renewal. The students need to register by submitting their details through online. After registration an OTP code will be send to student’s mail. The administrator will verify the student details and if they are satisfied they will approve bus pass. The pass will be generated and send to student’s mail. The student can login with their college,idno and password and then renewal can be performed.In this the student has to give complete details about himher to create a new account. After successfully creating the account the user can able to perform the online bus pass facility. All the transactions are performed based on the student id.After registration an OTP code is sent to student’s mail. After entering the code he can proceed with next step.Once the user submit their detail, their information can be viewed by admin and he will approve the buspass.This will allow only authorized students.Students can pay the amount for the bus pass through credit card. They can also pay through net banking. The amount paid through online must be secure and it should reach the authenticated user. All the transactions that is done must be committed properly.After providing all the necessary details like nemesis, college name, phone number, photoetc ,the details will be submitted to the admin.Theadmin verifies and the detail and authenticate them. If the admin approves the user as trusted one then the bus Pass will be generated and send to the student’s mail. The student can login to his account for the renewal of buspass.The student has to enter student id and the necessary details. Then the payment process will be carried out. Once the process is completed the user bus pass will be renewed automatically and send to student’s mail.This project is useful for the students who are facing problems with the current manual work of bus pass registration and renewal. It will send an email for the students before completion of his validity period. 777875142608304. 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