Presentation Of EvidencePortfolio is a It include all the working experience

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Presentation Of EvidencePortfolio is a . It include all the working experience that I have gone through out my life as a nurse. I have divided my working experience into 4 clusters: Professional, Clinical, Teaching and Management. In each clusters, I will share on the learning outcome according to my experienced.Clustering Of Experience1. ProfessionalOne of the professions and disciplines in which professionalism is considered very important is nursing. As a registered staffnurse that work in the medical field, I will face people with different types of beliefs, faith and medical conditions where there is an inherent need for equality and human dignity . I always be at my level best to maintain professionalism and treat everybody equally to ensure that the highest quality care is being provided. According to Kasar & Clark (2000: 5-6) professionalism should link nurses everywhere so that people can continue to have faith that wherever they go, they can count on the availability of quality medical care.Appearance goes a long way in maintaining the image of being a professional. As a nurse, I understand that my appearance says a lot about myself. Nobody wants to go to a hospital or a clinic and see a nurse that is not well put together. As a Kuala Lumpur General Hospital staffnurse, I wear a well ironed white uniform with a pair of white shoes. I keep my hair folded and tidy till the end of the shift. My general clean and professional appearance help people automatically feel at ease with the situation they are in and raise their confidence level on me indirectly. As a reflective practitioner, the registered nurse demonstrates integrity and confidence accordingly with professional standards, guidelines and codes of ethics. This includes the registered nurses’ verbal and nonverbal communications and the ability to articulate a positive role and professional image. I always make sure to use proper tone ,words and body language when communicating with patients and also to use layman terms with patients majority came from out of medical field. I have also attended course premiere work culture to improving soft skills as a nurse.A nurse also needs to continually improve. Just because a nurse has finished their training, does not mean that they are done learning. I keep myself updated with current nursing knowledge anfd practice in medial field by attending CNEs and courses. I learn continually from the experiences , and building on them to provide quality care in the future since I realize that formal training is only part of the process. I will also make sure my APC is renewed on time so that I can have the license to continue practice as a nurse. Regardless of how “well” a nurse is feeling on any particular day, it is important for the pursuit of professionalism that nurses are able to provide excellence, day in and day out (Staples, 2009). HKL newly sppointed nurses need to enroll in orientation program where one of the subject is on customer service. As per hospital protocol, patinets need to fill up overall feedback form upon discharge so that they can suggest on improvement on staffs and ward managemnts. As a registered nurse, I realize that satisfying all the customers is very hard indeed. Feedback forms will help me to improve in criterias that help in patients treatment and management to deliver best and wuality care to them.1800873Learning Statement(1) I have learned to handle customer complaints efficiently through customer service program and courses(2) I have learned to maintain professionalism by constantly keeping myself updated with current practice and knowledge