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I would like to apply for this course as Psychology is a subject that I enjoy the most and my two years Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the University of the Punjab (Pakistan) speaks for itself. I am ambitious to refresh my outdated qualification as it has been nine years since I completed it. At first, while doing my bachelors, I chose Psychology because of my unfulfilled desire of becoming an army doctor with a will of helping others as I missed my chance to enter medical college. I am satisfied with my decision as psychology has helped me in every aspect of life specifically, as the eldest daughter in a large family, as a teacher and now for myself after coming to Scotland. With all these experiences I have realised that psychology is a subject of learning not only about yourself but also about others. I started my job in a primary school after two years break. Prior to this, I did not have any experience or qualification but gained an insight of child development from my home. As the eldest of eight siblings, I am able to shape my identity with optimism, amiability, affection and most importantly patience. With all this, I worked hard to make my department better which was lacking proper curriculum and management. I was highly involved in planning and organising learning resources and activities for children and tailored my teaching ways according to different ‘‘Behaviourism’’ approaches such as learning through observation and imitation, classical conditioning, operant conditioning and saw their impact on children’s behaviour directly. My efforts paid off as my head teachers and even pupils still remember me as the best teacher. By observing children, I came to know that how an educator plays a constructive role in the development of a child’s logical and self-sufficiency skills.After coming to Glasgow, I started an ESOL course from Glasgow Clyde College and moved up to Highers. This greatly helped me develop my language, communication and writing skills and I become familiar with Scottish academic life. Meanwhile, I did volunteer work at Govanhill Housing Association, Rainbow Preschool Trust Nursery and Saint Pauls Primary School for six months each. At GHA, I was involved in training for ‘‘Befriending’’ project while at Nursery, my duty was to engage children in playing and helping the staff, at school. In the last one, I was helping EAL teacher which I could not continue because of my college timetable. I am applying for primary schools and expecting a response in near future. These experiences have kept me motivated that if these innocent, naive individuals are provided opportunities and guided in a rightful direction, they could become successful, strong individuals. Therefore, as an educational psychologist, I would like to become competent enough to play the beneficent role for the upbringing of fragile minds in accordance to their cognitive and interactive developments, so they could be able to live to their full potential.Unfortunately, my personal life was affected as my ex-husband was disrespectful, unsupportive and abusive, so I left him and a new journey for me started. But with my willpower and the support from my social workers, lawyer and lecturers, I was able to get over it and moved forward. This definitely demonstrates my motivation, adaptability, initiative, independence and maturity which supported me to come out of my comfort zone and face new challenges and grow as a person. Currently, I am a SWAP student at West College Scotland in an Access Course to Humanities, where I am developing my study, analytic and soft skills. I believe that studying and living in a different society is an achievement of new abilities that could be a great to enhance my intuition of individual’s differences with cultural and societal variance. In my leisure time, I make handicrafts, teach my younger sisters and spend time with my mother through Skype. I am trying to utilise all possible chances to increase my knowledge and get my skills polished to fulfil my ambition. My approach to pursuing this career reflects my enthusiasm and determination to succeed in this course.