Psychology is an independent subject and also a positive biosocial science I

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Psychology is an independent subject and also a positive bio-social science. I include an important relationship between both biological and social sciences. Also it has a line between about two groups of biological and social sciences. So, studying of psychology is necessary to medicine and nursing fields and other areas of human attempts. “Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Behavior includes all of our outward or overt actions and reactions. Such as talking, facial expressions and movements. Mental processes refer to all the internal, convert activity of our minds, such as thinking, feeling and remembering.” (Ciccarelli & Meyer 2006)“Psychology is the investigation of human and animal behavior and of the mental and physiological processes associated with the behavior.” (Jackson – 1976)Psychology has become necessary subject in every profession including nursing now a days. A nurse can not be able to function effectively if he/she does not have knowledge about psychology. The learning of the psychology help to nurse to many ways. Firstly psychology will help the nurse to understand her own self. Nurse can get an idea about her motives, desires, emotions and ambitions. Also studying of psychology will help for nurses to realize her personality and arrives at decisions in her life and solves her own problems by knowing her strength and weaknesses. This direct her own life more productively and enabling her to control situations and attain self-discipline. Studying psychology will help for nurses to identification of people needs, identify individual differences, get a knowledge about people behaviors and physical disorders. Also psychology help nurse to provide quality care to patients. A nurse with good knowledge of psychology can understand what anxieties and fears the patient’s faces, what patients feels, what patient would like to knows, why patients behaves the way he does. In health care setting provide quality care to patient is major factor and good knowledge about psychology is help to understanding the situations of patients by nurse can be the best support to patent. Psychology will help the nurse to understand the close relationship between body, mind and spirit. Nurse can recognize how her emotions affect her body and recognize the same in her patients also. This will help nurse to control her life and recognize the similar needs in patient too. Hospitalization is open attached with negative experience. Some patients associate hospitals with fearful things such as pain or death. Psychology application in nursing profession will help nurse in giving social support to patients during hospitalizations to overcome the above difficulties. The well-being of the patient is the prime responsibilities of the nurse. Nurse must not only treat the patent physically but also promote confident in patents capacity to improve and fully recovery. For this, knowledge of psychology is essential for nurses. Also physical and mental well-being of patent mainly depend on nurse and he/she has to deal with different people having different problem both physical and mental. So knowledge of psychology is quite essential of nurses to distribute patient satisfactorily and provide quality care.Psychology acts as a major role relevance on the nursing practice. Nurses need to fully understand how patients behave and act in certain situation, this is where psychological knowledge comes in to play between each nurse and patent. When managing patent with different illnesses, nurse have to understand the physical pain associated, change their thought and attitude to improve well-being. Also when nurses assessing a patient’s condition, nurses must have to consider how patients respond to their illness and pain. Because pain tolerating level is different in patent to patent. Some patent are optimistic easily cope with their illness, some other have a negative reaction including become angry and stubborn. Nurses may find it very difficult to handle that kind of patent and need to include them as part of their evaluation of the patent.