Quality Indicators(QI) in Healthcare

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Quality Indicators in HealthcareAuthor’s NameInstitutional AffiliationQuality Indicators in HealthcareQuality Indicators (QI) are standards used by health institutions to evaluate patient outcomes. It utilizes the institution’s information to evaluate the efficiency of care provided In addition, QI permits health institutions, to monitor advancement within a specific time line and indicate corrective measures to be adapted (AHRQ, n.d.). By utilization of the QI, health care institutions can analyze advancement and enable corrective measures made to the standard of care provided to patients. One QI I would envisage to be considered at my place of work is the Pressure Ulcer Rate (PUR). PUR indicates instances of a secondary diagnosis of stage III or IV or unstageable pressure ulcers per 1000 patients age 18 years and over who were discharged (AHRQ, 2018). This measure excludes patients who have stage III or IV pressure ulcers as a primary diagnosis and also those with severe burns. Also, it excluded those presenting a case of determined stage III and IV pressure ulcers at the time of admission. Aside from these exclusions, another group of patients excluded are those who are admitted for no more than three days.The PUR will enable healthcare institutions to pinpoint the number of incidents that will permit the estimation of budget to be apportioned to pressure ulcers. Some of the resources to be allocated include; human resources and bed space among others. As a nurse, my role would be to keep track of the patients under my care and ensure a correct record of information. Health care facilities the hand, will be liable for ensuring data gathered by the different healthcare workers are put together estimations done to know the rate then allocate the necessary resources as per the data suggests.ReferencesAHRQ. (2018, June). Patient Safety Indicator 03 (PSI 03) Pressure Ulcer Rate. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Retrieved from https://www.qualityindicators.ahrq.gov/Downloads/Modules/PSI/V2018/TechSpecs/PSI_03_Pressure_Ulcer_Rate.pdfAHRQ. (n.d.). Quality Improvement and monitoring at your fingertips. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Retrieved from https://www.qualityindicators.ahrq.gov/Default.aspx