Reaction Paper 2 PSYC 300

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Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation 1Reaction Paper 2 PSYC 300 Prompt 3“Motivation is the biological, emotional, cognitive, and social forces that act on or within an individual, initiating and directing the human behavior” (p. 292). “To be motivated which means ‘to be moved’ to do something.” (Richard M. Ryan & Edward L. Deci 2000). In simple words, motivation is something which causes an individual to act in a particular manner. The two types of motivation are as follows:Intrinsic motivationExtrinsic motivationIntrinsic motivation is defined as “The desire to engage in task that are inherently satisfying and enjoyable, novel, or optimally challenging; the desire to do something for its own sake” (p.303). The act that the individual performs is motivated by the internal factors. Intrinsic motivation means neither any reward is expected or given for the actions performed nor any kind of pressure exists. Intrinsic motivation is based on the activity done because of the personal satisfaction without any expectations.Extrinsic motivation is “External factors or influences on behavior such as rewards, consequences or social expectations” (p. 303). The act that the individual performs is motivated by the external factors such as rewards, punishments, consequences and appreciation, etc. Extrinsic motivation means an individual will be rewarded, punished, praised or will face certain consequences based on the actions performed. External rewards are expected by the individual.An example of intrinsic motivation in my life is to write a diary page. Every night before I go to bed, I write a diary page to describe how my day went on. I express my innermost Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation 2thoughts and feelings in my diary as well. I feel like diary is my best friend to trust and share my life problems. Diary writing proves helpful for me to improve my writing skills and to reduce my stress. This is a real-life example based on intrinsic motivation. I feel satisfying to write a diary page. I don’t expect any sort of reward or appreciation in return. I love to write a diary page every night so as to keep my memories in a safe and secret place. A similar example of intrinsic motivation is when I play badminton with my brother during the vacations and weekends. I love to play badminton and I enjoy playing it. This is an example of Intrinsic motivation because badminton is something that gives me pleasure and motivated me to do better in the future. It’s not like I have a goal, but just enjoy playing it for fun. There is no expected reward or appreciation in return, or not getting paid for it. “You may have small victories along the way, but you would be doing whatever you get out of it, simply because you like doing it” ( example of extrinsic motivation is working hard on PSYC 300 reaction paper 2 to get an A grade. I feel if I worked hard, I can get a reward with an outstanding score. “Extrinsic motivation comes when a person feels the urge to do something in order to gain a specific reward” ( This is an example of extrinsic motivation because I am working hard for the reaction paper to get an A. In other words, I have a reason to work hard to get a better grade as a external reward.I go to job every day after school is a similar example of extrinsic motivation. I enjoy to spend my rest of the day watching T.V., hanging out with my friends and cousins, doing some other work after coming back from school. But I’m motivated to go to my work because I need a 3paycheck to pay my bills. In this example, I am extrinsically motivated to receive a reward at the end of the month. I have a certain number of hours per week to get paid which is based on extrinsic motivation. “Achievement Motivation is the drive to direct your behavior toward excelling, succeeding, or outperforming others at some task” (Conroy, 2017; Murray, 1938). “For example, Climbing Everest and becoming an internationally certified mountaineering guide are the two examples of Pasang’s drive to achieve” (p. 302). “We wanted to show women that if you just follow your dreams, even if you are a woman, you can do anything. Nothing is impossible.” (Pasang, 2014, p. 302). “Achievement motivation has been studied in many different contexts. Hundreds of studies have shown that measure of achievement motivation generally correlates well with various areas of success, such as school grades, job performance, and worker output” (Senko & others, 2008, p. 302). Achievement motivation in other words mean it is based on getting success and achieving all the goals in life. Achievement motivation is an important part of life. It is basically something that we desire to achieve. Because of the achievement motivation, we feel motivated and which in turn plays its role by helping the individual to reach the success by achieving our goals. “Our researchers have looked at cultural differences in achievement motivation. In these cultures, achievement motivation is also closely linked with succeeding in competitive tasks” as explained by (Markus & others, 2006; Morling & Kitayama, 2008, p.302). I believe achievement motivation plays an important role in the individual’s life. Achievement motivation is like when the individual starts stepping on a ladder and keeps going as long as he/she starts the feeling of achieving every time. “This feeling helps the individual in fueling to achieve even more.” Achievement motivation plays a role in achieving any desired thing 4in life followed by directions. Achievement motivation also stimulates the urge for learning new tasks and activities. It helps the individual to manage and to think of how to meet the goals. So, in order to get success achievement motivation plays a much great role and makes the individual work hard to get success. Achievement motivation offers energy, positive attitude for a long period of time. An example based on my life is to become a vocational nurse in my life. I’m working hard to achieve the nursing goal. In this example, achievement motivation is based on it as to become a nurse for me is something that I want to achieve as my career. Nursing is something that stimulates me to put every effort to achieve this goal. It motivates me to perform and excel better in life. 5ReferencesRyan, M. & Deci, L. (2000). Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations: Classic definitions and new directions. Contemporary Educational Psychology 25 (2000), 54-67. doi: 10.1006/ceps.1999.1020Conroy. (2017) & Murray, (1938). 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