reflection 2 final assignment

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ReflectionSandeep Kaur BatthStudent ID:4351065 LookbackWhen I was joined Fortis escort hospital after completion of my bachelor degree it was my first experience to met and discuss the problems and taking history of patients independently ,I was appointed in outpatient department in skin clinic. I met number of patients with skin problem like acne, skin burn, blemishes and many more on daily basis. Here I was want to discuss about a young patient who had low self esteem and feeling depressed because of his pimples and spots on his face. He was 16 years old having acne problem because of his puberty and also stressed and feel neglected by opposite sex and he was not had any girlfriend and very fewer friends in his school.Elaborate I was still remember a young patient of 16 years old came in my department. He complained of low self esteem and feeling stressed because of skin problem that is pimples and spots on his face . His face becomes patchy and dark at some specific points. He was worried that girls was not communicate with him and not became friend of mine.I was the only nurse in room at that time and it lasted around half an hour during that time patient and myself discussed the history of his skin problem and emotional stress related to skin spots. Patient said that he had started this problem at puberty when he was 14 years of age. This problem make him feel extremely self-conscious. He described about the negative impact that he was bullied at school and he was also not having any friend in school .Based on reasonably lengthly history of acne ,the presence of acne on face and negative emotional effect because of acne a three month dose of oxytetracycline was prescribed for the patient.AnalysisI feel patient was able to be open up more to me as he sensed my sympathy towards him and his situation. Patient was felt very comfortable with me and explore his all problems while taking his history .While skin examination test patient was very cooperative and also excited about his treatment to get rid of that problem and be able like other same age group people to be appreciated and had a lot of friends, He asked me about the results and time period of therapy to work and when he was completely treated and get free from that problem. That experience helped me to realize that i need to actively participated in training and learning opportunities regarding working with young people with mental health issues ,ReviseThe interaction between us helped me in gaining more information about teenager problems and issues related to their appreance and neglected by their peer group because of their skin problems. I also come to know about that how can be these skin problem became more serious an d impact teenager self esteem and confidence level, their interaction with other of same age group people. They get neglected by their friends and became psychologically challenged to manage their life style.New learning:After that incident ,am able to dealt with patient of same problem more affeciently as they need some extra concern and psychological support for their better recovery and be able to explore themself in front of health care professional regarding their physiological and psychological problems. I also gave more time to patient to discuss his problem more deeply and to improve his sense of well being as he felt more involved and concerned in his care process.