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A Nurse plays an inevitable role in the hospital, nursing is a service-oriented profession so the goal of every nurse would be to provide high-quality patient care. As significant person in healthcare team, the staff nurse should make effective suggestions to improve nursing practice. The nurses must be critical thinkers and should have a receptive outlook and draws vigorously upon evidence-based research and past clinical encounters to take care of patient issues. The nurse should maintain good interpersonal relationship with patients, coworkers and superiors. Moreover, for gaining proficiency with elusive abilities expected to exceed nursing skills the nurse has to develop a mentoring relationship. They should upgrade their current knowledge by attending continuing nursing education classes and also refer some research related to nursing practice. The nurse should have good technological knowledge because they must work with technology. It will help to save time and energy, make the work easier.Instead of following the ‘culture of blame’ to the assigning person, the healthcare providers and authority should provide structures and processes aimed towards preventing error, catching errors before they reach the patient and minimizing patient harm when errors occur. Blaming approach actually a negative culture in health system. An individual no matter they are intelligent, careful can make mistake. Whatever it is as long as human involved in patient care are highly prone for committing errors. So that the hospital authority should identify and discusses the factors that gave rise to the incident and outlines the steps to avoid future incidents. Moreover, conduct CNE’s and staff awareness classes very occasionally and make aware of them regarding the errors that happened in hospitals and also give suggestions to prevent such errors in future. Show the common errors that occurred in department wise and give reward to the department who does not committed the error. This will motivate the healthcare providers to avoid error in future. Thus, it enhances and ensure the quality healthcare.Understanding and dealing with patients’ desires could improve patient fulfilment, which denotes to the satisfaction or delight of expectation. The nurse should respect patient values and needs and involve the patient in decision making regarding their treatments and care. It improves patient participation and, hence strengthening. With inspiration, the patient will consider the nurses recommendations and advice, this is a positive outcome toward patient wellbeing and safe practice itself. For example, nurse should share adequate information to the patient regarding treatment plan, prognostic information and so on they are communicating the effects of drugs, certain procedures and outcomes of clinical evaluation. So, the prime responsibility of every nurse would be patient centered care, which highly influences the effective nursing care.REFERENCESKeepnews, D., Mitchell, P. (September 30, 2003). “Health Systems’ Accountability for Patient Safety”. Retrieved from, F. (2011, April). Patient expectations and the paradigm shift of care in emergency medicine. Retrieved from for Success: What Every New Nurse Needs. (2018, October 17). Retrieved from